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Monday, December 30, 2013

Musharraf says the whole army behind him; treason case a political 'vendetta'

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“I have no doubt with the feedback that I received that the whole army is... Totally with me on this issue.”

Musharraf may be asked as to why Kyani blamed to do nothing for himself, according to Mush, the former COAS was always a part of his dictation as he claimed the whole Army is behind him!?

How difficult is it to do business in Pakistan? -

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The Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan [SECP] was setup to thedevelopment of modern and efficient corporate sector and capital market, based on sound regulatory principles, that provide impetus for high economic growth and foster social harmony in the Country.
To develop a fair, efficient and transparent regulatory framework, based on international legal standards and best practices, for the protection of investors and mitigation of systemic risk aimed at fostering growth of a robust corporate sector and broad based capital market in Pakistan.
To develop an efficient and dynamic regulatory body that fosters principles of good governance in the corporate sector, ensures proper risk management procedures in the capital market, and protects investors through responsive policy measures and effective enforcement practices.

But, there are a lot of problems created by SECP for the entrepreneurs from registration to winding up process. The skying high fees are one side, the corruption under the umbrella autonomous body is on the other side. As many as, the listed companies are also very fed-up by the over-lettering by SECP officials.

It is interestingly witnessed that the SECP Act including Companies Ordinance 1984 and other incidental laws related with Act are written in English language while SECP required Urdu with regards to notices of certain statutory business ie. notice of AGM/EOGM etc. By doing so, some times, the cohesion of business affairs turns different when their translation in Urdu.

Corrupt employees to get the sack - DAWN.COM

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"Elimination of Corruption from Public Service Ordinance, 2013"

This is a headlines news came from the now-government whose most of the parliamentarians have been sacked due to having fake degrees. Not only this reason reason. the present government after a decade wait, once again hammer to adjust its favored MNA/MPA & Sanators' kins to fix in the government jobs in near future.

The two backgrounds may be forecasted:
  • To give a backup and promotion to national youth program which has received no fruitful result from the public and media, the government wants to implement a new dirty gained program to sweep out the employees both the federal and provincial governments including state owned entities, authorities, departments etc. The confusion of government led by PML-N is increased day by day.
  • To attract more electoral street power from upcoming local bodies election; to cast more votes in favor of PML-N to avoid botheration, and;
  • To send message to international donors that the present government is on the way to eradicate corruption from within the country; to get more funds in dollars as the national exchequer is going to empty.

It is interesting that the when such kind of action would be taken, the honest inquiry officers' availability would be a test time to government led by PML-N as many officers are already indulged in corruption.-the indefinite meanings as terrorism by the US led forces and itself.

Instead of cleaning so-called corrupt employees, present government should take measures to eradicate corruption from within the parliamentarians and their political party(s). The self-proclaimed-leaders teach the ways of corruption by means of putting political pressures to get their result by hook or by crook.

The wait to prorogue of the sessions of NA & SAN to go off, the will of the present government can easily be assessed as how it is in favor of masses of the nation.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Nawaz offers to bring Musharraf’s ailing mother to Pakistan on special airplane – The Express Tribune

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Good offer indeed with the image that Mushi is not going to be released but this would become an eyewash as many times there is difference what is said!

Govt striving to build reserves: Dar Pakistan Business

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Be vigilant: After dollar falls new dam is going to be built!

Karachi breaks a 10-year-record with 166 kidnappings | Pakistan Today | Latest news | Breaking news | Pakistan News | World news | Business | Sport and Multimedia

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The kidnappers, for the first time in history, has made a tremendous record by taking 166 runs in a day of unlimited overs match between the The fielding side though equipped with old and latest tech but the bowlers and wicket keeper together with "Range fielders" have totally failed to beat the 4S and 6S and ones odds.

Interestingly, the former CJP's retirement, the run rate of batsmen and match-rate have been increased. The bowlers (police), wicketkeeper (CM) and the fielders (Rangers) enjoying match fixing altogether whereas the gambles (F.govt.) has loose its money by the bookies indeed.

The first catch was dropped when the bowlers (police) took a wicket but the third empire (int'l spy agencies) give decision of not out, the rate of match was then 5000Rs, the 3rd empire has taken pleas that the wicket keeper (CM) and fielders (Rangers) have not made any appeal before the field empire (local spy agencies) so therefore, it is not out.

The same batsman was once again caught N bowled by the bowler but dropped and a fielder tried to catch bounce back ball and did it with Rs.500,000/- but with earlier match fixing, the catch was dropped as wicketkeeper came forward and collided with the fielder!

The next day play will be resume if rains (NA) and gamblers (F.govt.) allows.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

American held by al-Qaida in Pakistan urges Obama for help | Home | Toronto Sun

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This link has been found available on

The man who is in AQ's custody asks his government USA to get him release. The story is, according to US officials, can not be identified or verified by independent sources.

So how one can believe it is true or false even held by AQ indeed? The story is not only strange but also a cocktail of jokes, seems to be!

Bangladesh police lay siege to Khaleda's residence - The Hindu

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This is all set to a war between two women. Since isolation from Pakistan in 71, many political upset witnessed by the people of BD.

This so-called democracy should be ended with a peaceful resolution if Pakistan makes some concrete efforts to re-join BD with itself so the endless political, social and economical war could be halted and new reforms with density of social and vocal sectors for the well being of the masses.

See how India reacts - India has on many occasions reacted too immaturely!

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Please read the following response from the US Attorney, who is US National of Indian origin.  India has on many occasions reacted too immaturely without sufficient or verified facts.

US vs Devyani Khobragade

There has been much misinformation and factual inaccuracy in the reporting on the charges against Devyani Khobragade.

It is important to correct these inaccuracies because they are misleading people and creating an inflammatory atmosphere on an unfounded basis. Although I am quite limited in my role as a prosecutor in what I can say, which in many ways constrains my ability here to explain the case to the extent I would like, I can nevertheless make sure the public record is clearer than it has been thus far.

First, Ms. Khobragade was charged based on conduct, as is alleged in the Complaint, that shows she clearly tried to evade U.S. law designed to protect from exploitation the domestic employees of diplomats and consular officers.

Not only did she try to evade the law, but as further alleged, she caused the victim and her spouse to attest to false documents and be a part of her scheme to lie to U.S. government officials. So it is alleged not merely that she sought to evade the law, but that she affirmatively created false documents and went ahead with lying to the U.S. government about what she was doing.

One wonders whether any government would not take action regarding false documents being submitted to it in order to bring immigrants into the country. One wonders even more pointedly whether any government would not take action regarding that alleged conduct where the purpose of the scheme was to unfairly treat a domestic worker in ways that violate the law.

And one wonders why there is so much outrage about the alleged treatment of the Indian national accused of perpetrating these acts, but precious little outrage about the alleged treatment of the Indian victim and her spouse?

Second, as the alleged conduct of Ms. Khobragade makes clear, there can be no plausible claim that this case was somehow unexpected or an injustice. Indeed, the law is clearly set forth on the State Department website. Further, there have been other public cases in the United States involving other countries, and some involving India, where the mistreatment of domestic workers by diplomats or consular officers was charged criminally, and there have been civil suits as well. In fact, the Indian government itself has been aware of this legal issue, and that its diplomats and consular officers were at risk of violating the law.

The question then may be asked: Is it for U.S. prosecutors to look the other way, ignore the law and the civil rights of victims (again, here an Indian national), or is it the responsibility of the diplomats and consular officers and their government to make sure the law is observed?

Third, Ms. Khobragade, the Deputy General Consul for Political, Economic, Commercial and Women’s Affairs, is alleged to have treated this victim illegally in numerous ways by paying her far below minimum wage, despite her child care responsibilities and many household duties, such that it was not a legal wage. The victim is also alleged to have worked far more than the 40 hours per week she was contracted to work, and which exceeded the maximum hour limit set forth in the visa application. Ms. Khobragade, as the Complaint charges, created a second contract that was not to be revealed to the U.S. government, that changed the amount to be paid to far below minimum wage, deleted the required language protecting the victim from other forms of exploitation and abuse, and also deleted language that stated that Ms. Khobragade agreed to “abide by all Federal, state, and local laws in the U.S.”

As the Complaint states, these are only “in part” the facts, and there are other facts regarding the treatment of the victim – that were not consistent with the law or the representations made by Ms. Khobragade -- that caused this Office and the State Department, to take legal action.

Fourth, as to Ms. Khobragade’s arrest by State Department agents, this is a prosecutor’s office in charge of prosecution, not the arrest or custody, of the defendant, and therefore those questions may be better referred to other agencies. I will address these issues based on the facts as I understand them.

Ms. Khobragade was accorded courtesies well beyond what other defendants, most of whom are American citizens, are accorded.

She was not, as has been incorrectly reported, arrested in front of her children. The agents arrested her in the most discreet way possible, and unlike most defendants, she was not then handcuffed or restrained. In fact, the arresting officers did not even seize her phone as they normally would have. Instead, they offered her the opportunity to make numerous calls to arrange personal matters and contact whomever she needed, including allowing her to arrange for child care. This lasted approximately two hours. Because it was cold outside, the agents let her make those calls from their car and even brought her coffee and offered to get her food. It is true that she was fully searched by a female Deputy Marshal -- in a private setting -- when she was brought into the U.S. Marshals’ custody, but this is standard practice for every defendant, rich or poor, American or not, in order to make sure that no prisoner keeps anything on his person that could harm anyone, including himself.

This is in the interests of everyone’s safety. Fifth, as has been reported, the victim’s family has been brought to the United States.

As also has been reported, legal process was started in India against the victim, attempting to silence her, and attempts were made to compel her to return to India. Further, the Victim’s family reportedly was confronted in numerous ways regarding this case.

Speculation about why the family was brought here has been rampant and incorrect. Some focus should perhaps be put on why it was necessary to evacuate the family and what actions were taken in India vis-à-vis them. This Office and the Justice Department are compelled to make sure that victims, witnesses and their families are safe and secure while cases are pending.

Finally, this Office’s sole motivation in this case, as in all cases, is to uphold the rule of law, protect victims, and hold accountable anyone who breaks the law – no matter what their societal status and no matter how powerful, rich or connected they are.

Courtesy: The Office of the US Attorney, Southern District of New York.
December 20, 2013

Millionaire MPs 'sans' business?

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Jhoot Bolna Mnaa Hei!

Media has reported Million of Rupees held by the current parliamentarians that have been placed on books of accounts with their respective bank accounts or businesses. Where other Million x Billion is equal to Trillion?

The PM of Pk has announced an amnesty scheme to white black money w.e.f January 2014. After this date, "railpail" of dollars can be seen as MoFin, Ishaq Dar has advised to business community to sell off their captured dollars going to have nose drive in near future. So hurry, we buy your sold dollars, cheap them again to sell at high price once again to meet expenses occurred after 12Oc99.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari poised to make parliamentary debut - DAWN.COM

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After completing of his milky tooth to 25, seven are left. Bilawal now would be ablge to chew the hard hardly! The more astonishing comes from media reports that he would be placed under the old N gold CH Sindh as adviser on law!!!

By doing so, Bilawal has set a blaze trial to children of the nation who can also be the adviser on home. Now all the children of same age group can now give advise to their respective parents on home-based politics run between the father and mother and beyond to their in-laws not to interfere or how to interfere in the funny politics.

This is a wonderful and landmark kickoff that no cartoon network channel has done ever before!!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Punjab books Imran Khan for defying ban on rallies - PakTribune

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The two bigwigs are in head locks. The first one has been accusing of violating section 144 pf ppc and the later one has nothing to do except registering a police case!

The Mall road venue is often for the protestors who have noting but to beating the drum than can not attract the hearts of mass except to disturb the commuters daily life. The authorities even to attract the soft corners of rulers pleasure defying the ethics, principals and necessities of civics.

The show down and the rule over game has always been playing at the Mall pitch; the pitch has no grass, no move even lack of bounce! Many runs are made thereon within 24 overs limited to both parties but seldom players hit wicket, caught & bold, stamp or run out on this ancient pitch of violence. The third empire has many times pending its decision but the game runs on...

Friday, December 20, 2013

Pervez Musharraf asks for forgiveness as treason trial looms in Pakistan - Telegraph

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Come on Mushi, what happened with you? You were used to show punches before the media and barely but bluntly spoke about "I am Commando  never ever scared!

Your pardon and forgiveness does not suit to you. Please be a brave and face the book being written by peers to be taught to you in future!!!

Get ready to escape after watching famous movie "the narrow escape"!

Govt files review petition in Supreme Court on homosexuality verdict | Business Line

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This is away of life of the large democratic country - INDIA.

In the early 70s, India win the world's heart by nuding its entertainment industry with half clothing (female film related actresses) now is worrying about homosexual activities within the country!

The "society" and the "civil government" is pondering as to why homosexuality be allowed so the tourists from around the globe may come to Incredible India and foreign exchange reserves could be increased as the energy crisis is increasing day by day.

The rapes, homosexuality, strange religious phenomena, the digital hype etc are the main characteristics of this country now being called a "Clown".

Zooming out to see Pakistan |

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The stoppage of US-Nato supplies by KPK is not the ultimate solution.

The U.S administration has passed a bill in which aid can be withdrawn if supply chain is disturbed.

The situation existing between both the countries is escalating over a petty matter. The US can take other roots to ship its surplus troops and mechanism having open financial budget and technology. The US has just stuck its head into bushes and wasting its time to appear before its nation as conqueror.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Former CJ Chaudhry seeks fail-safe security, bullet-proof vehicle -

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This is what one can say the VIP culture!

A bullet proof vehicle and many other fool proof security facilities being offered to the ex-CJP inreward of his actions taken as suo-moto for which the opposition has have results in May 13' elections.

The fool proof justice can not be provided to ordinary citizen of Pakistan who have more privileges rather than a CJP -ex! People from across the country wake up in the early morning to appear before the "competent court of law" and they were informed for new date of hearing as the judge is "ill".

This ailment has not been taken in sou-moto by the former CJP. The lower judiciary gets bribe in front of sitting judge, prosecutors and defense counsels for even a petty matter.

Hence no welfare of the nation in the courts have been done by Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Ch. CJP-ex.

Those hit by CJ Chaudhry now taking out their vengeance -

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The hale to former CJP by the specific media house to pay tribute to him for saving their vested interests like wage board award, litigation with rival, financial embezzlement in stocks with JSBL and money laundering cases being faced by the praising media group.

The present media houses have allocated itself the political sides, the security sides and the sides of  bureaucracy-cum-business tycoons.

The twisting media coin, all are facing the same cards near to their chest to win alone the game of no end. The anchor persons who are on behalf of their masters posing in such a way that has no finishing line and agenda. They are just working not for welfare to the state.

PPP opposed to interference in internal matters of BD -

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Pakistan Peoples Party has said that it was wrong for the National Assembly to pass a resolution condemning the punishment awarded to Abdul Quadir Molla by the Bangladesh Supreme Court. If we continued interfering in the internal affairs of Bangladesh, there can be no rapprochement with that country.

There are two sides of coin, one the above and second that has not been emphasized by both the ruling party and opposition.

What about the surrendering elements; the then political parties of East and West Pakistan or the field operatives of 1971 fall? Neither present government nor opposition parties especially PPP. This resolution passed in NA is just a eye-washed.

India has given sentence to death to Mollana Abul Qadir while the same penalty be given to our side?

Prosecutor says strip search of India diplomat 'standard'

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The cavity search of low-level diplomat carried out by U.S. authorities is meaningful.

However, the end result whatever may be, both the U.S. and India has naked before each other but also to all over the world.

The Indian security troops do the same in Indian-held Kashmir.


Putin 'envies' Obama: 'He can get away with it'

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The U.S. administration is fighting at two ends; Afridi in Pakistan and National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden,National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden who is currently on asylum in Russia.

This is astonishing that on one side U.S. puts pressure to release Afridi who believed to be a helpful person in catching OBL where on the other side the administration is continuously pressuring Russia to through out Snowden! What is coincidence and double standards?

Pakistani security forces say they killed 23 militants in tribal area -

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The major cut-off militancy by Pakistan Army. Congratulations!

If the militants do not wish to talks, no heed should be paid to their uncivilized agenda. They must be teach lessons from time to time till their zero presence.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

India makes its move, shifts Khobragade to UN mission - Hindustan Times

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The episode of flop drama by both the sides. Neither U.S.A nor India has respected human rights within their respective countries and outside as well.

As far as diplomatic immunity is concerned, both the countries have the same format to respect foreign diplomats, the history is evident.

So the roar is just no validity.

Nisar proposes to set up committee to investigate magnetic ink issue -

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 Yes, this Minister of Interior who like Imran Khan used to roaring each and every thing, says critics. And in the meanwhile, advised him "do not pull the rakes"!

India vows to bring diplomat home - World News | IOL News |

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Well done India - this time; the fold incredible India!

Who asked India to come more closer to super power when the credentials are so poor and dependable.

Pakistan doctor who helped find Osama bin Laden in legal tussle |

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Hence the matter is subjudiced with the court, so the re-trial orders be let taken place. Before starting comments, one important thing to be in mind that upon discovering Afridi's working for CIA under the umbrella of a vaccination center, more than dozen of volunteers have been killed by the terrorists in view of second example like Afridi.

The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denounced Afridi's treatment as unjust and unwarranted, readers and commentators should keep in mind that in the case, the U.S. administration is party to the war on terror. So her denunciation regarding Afridi's treatment is solicited to independent forum.

Moreover, Pakistan has reserves the rights to whom should be trialed and under what law be applicable to such accused. Third part criticism  is out of practice.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Court reserves judgment on Musharraf travel ban - Al Arabiya News

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The tweeted and re-tweeted general who caught himself by Tweeter and Facebook. Now he has been booked by face and tweeting a spider web!

The game is GHQ wishes to broad escape for himself but the commando likes to more tweet and face more books indeed!

ECP rebuffs Nisar’s remarks on magnetic ink | SAMAA TV

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Sheikh Rashid is absolutely right in his contention that whenever, PML-N gets heavy mandate, it is sinking.

The three major pillars of present government would give problems to Nawaz Shariff, one is Mr. Ishaq Dar, second is Chaudhry Nisar and third is Mr. Pervaiz Rahsid...but forth one is Mr. Ehsan from Narowal.

IHC reinstates PEMRA chairman, issues stay order against removal – The Express Tribune

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The same irregularity has been witness in the case of Abdul Rehman Qureshi, Adviser to the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan [SECP]. His continuously appointment is also the violation of the Supreme Court of Pakistan that bars in its verdict dated January 15, 2013. In the case of his appointment, neither advertisement was published for the recruitment nor the adherence of apex court orders were followed.

As to what circumstances, government is relying upon a person of matchless in all over the country to decide and advise the SECP?

Pak Army Defeated by Indian Media - The New Indian Express

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After all, the cat comes out of bag!

The Indian media has opened Pandora box of Pakistani media. The media that all the times show the battle of cattle. Never ever talked about the real and important issues. The old faces occupied media with their conventional ideas that people of Pakistan has rejected and switch to entertainment channels.

while on the other hand, Pakistan Army is seeking TV channel to counter Indian media. This strategy is also comment-able. A two star general has sought the necessity of its own TV channel which depicts the failure of defense the country in terms of strategic point of view and on ground. The desire of in-house media like cantonment pass to enter into the cantt area despite having national identity card issued by the government of Pakistan. Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, expelled premier; The State within a State!

While having atomic power, more than 800,000 personnel, cream of brain, state-of-the art arms technology, so what thing has put the army back to the door. With only a TV channel, goal can be achieved for which the people of Pakistan bear the cost of such a huge manpower!

By indulging Pakistan army into focus of media war, Pakistani media, no doubt played a strange role to populate Pakistan's better image in the global eyes. Aman ki Aasha, Zara Sochiay type of un-named social activities can never mask the better image of Pakistan. Talk shows of average commentators, race of rating, telecasting of immature and ruthless programs are the ingredients of our "childish media".

Thursday, December 12, 2013

New chief justice takes suo motu notice of selective coverage – The Express Tribune

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This is just professionalism beyond to realism! Only one channel has on air the footage of full court reference in the honor of CJP (Retired). But on the other hand, protestors have forgotten the guard of honor in respect of Musharraf upon his retirement. No body protested, no pressure group came on protesting forums, no one has the courage to show its strength.

If a TV channel has broadcasted ceremony of goodbye, no need to  worry. Some have the honor by birth while some are to be honored by hook or by crook.

Nation should stand for "under aged" media who once give rise to occasion that does not suit to the society of Pakistan!

Monday, December 09, 2013

Hagel in Pakistan, hoping to sooth troubled relationship | Fox News

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No matter what Hagel brought with himself - the refund of sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan OR re-reimbursement the cost of damages borne by Pakistan since 9/11.

As far as, drone attacks are concerned, no change seems to be taken place in near future or far future. Though Pakistan is considering to intercept drones within the airway but is too late as the U.S. has camouflage drone by latest anti-piartiy software and hardware. But if unfortunately, any drone comes within the range of Pak anti-air craft range, a new dispute can be emerged that has no end till the war decision.

To avoid with such a situation, Hagel comes in, although the meeting agenda is one-point for the media and republics but the case is otherwise to refrain Pakistan from step ahead. The Pentagon has set parameters to cope with the situation therefore, it is compelled to keep its 10,000 troops in Afghanistan after 2014.

The situation is worst ever since 9/11, the ball is in the court of USA to decide what should to do keeping in view of alarming situation.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

IG FC Balochistan is hospitalized in Rawalpindi: Sources | SAMAA TV

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The General should be decorated with award of illness as a summon has made him ill!!

Inspector General (IG) Frontier Corps (FC) Balochistan Major General Ijaz Shah, who was issued contempt of court notice by the Supreme Court of Pakistan today, is reported admitted to a hospital in Rawalpindi after suffering heart attack, SAMAA reported.

While resuming the hearing of Balochistan unrest case, the Supreme Court earlier today issued contempt of court notice to him over his nonappearance before the bench.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, who led a three-member, observed that despite summons issued to the FC chief three times, neither he abided by the court's order to appear before the bench nor he produced any of the undeclared detainees.

The CJP observed that there are allegations that some FC personnel are involved in kidnappings in Balochistan.

Later, an FC official, who spoke to SAMAA on condition of anonymity, revealed that the IG suffered a heart attack on Nov 29, since then he has been admitted to CMH Rawalpindi. The officer insisted that the court orders could not be communicated to the FC chief since he and his family were disturbed owing to his illness.

14 'missing persons' produced in Pakistan SC | Business Standard

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The apex court has also issued a contempt of court notice to the chief of the paramilitary Frontier Corps for not appearing before it despite several summons. He claimed he could not appear as he was hospitalised for a heart ailment.

Well done, a summon can make the General ill, so he can cope with the duties assigned to him in the time of war games?

Team off to Qatar for LNG import, Iran for IP pipeline

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After Saudi Arabia refusal to Pakistan with regards to provide crude oil on lease base, Pakistan has now marathon to get alternate energy from different sources like Iran and Qatar. Stern conditions are being faced to comply with the terms by Pakistan.

On the other hand, the U.S. administration has fully put its eyes on the transaction of IPGPL project for which it has switched over plan 2 instead to plan 1 i.e. to remain in Afghanistan after 2014 in which thousand of troops to be ordered to way back to home now only 10,000 of personnel would stay in Afghanistan till the deal is broken.

This is test time amongst Pakistan, Iran and Qatar that the deal of alternate energy is escorted. If Iran walks back, the energy crisis would remain in Pakistan and if the deal is not set to on with Qatar, LNG can not be imported.

However, steps in terms to mature the real deal are required to taken in letter and spirit. If the timely action is not taken means the whole home work goes to ashtray!

Monday, December 02, 2013

MQM Acknowledges Resignation of Mustafa Kamal From Senate | Pakistan Tribune

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As many as political parties have fractions within. Now get ready with new one - MQM-Mk...the new blood, the new strategy and the new mission with the vision to win local bodies election in March 14'.

The new-stone shall create hurdles for Altaf Hussain who is enjoying winter season after summer, in UK.

Fazal Calls For Joint Efforts against US Interference in Region | Pakistan Tribune

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When Russia invaded in 1979, these socio-political religious leaders makes money by many times. After 9/11, their demand reduced by many folds as they were considered to be facilitators of 911 factors.

Now the time come again, in 2014 when 23000 U.S and NATO troops would back to their home after facing defeat, their own roll begins to shine. They never think for Pakistan, think for their own vested interests.

Their policies are very simple as ABC - 123, once again bloodshed of innocent Muslims would be from their Shia-Sunni-Wahabi-Dyobandi etc. Pakistan does not need of any external enemies as it has a lots of!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Behind the Chinese-Pakistani Nuclear Deal -

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This bolg is readable.

More comments are awaiting.

US looking forward to working with new Pakistan Army chief - The Economic Times

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Please wait... Pakistan will come back after a short break.

There were so many commercial ads would be on-aired while this short break.

U.S., despite of super power, has now in the ques to wait...sit in the bench placed out of the room, take a cigarette with a cup of tea while office time is over.

Please come again but before taking appointment!

Flexing autonomy, Pakistani leader picks outsider to lead army |

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Your time has started now.... The bell has rung, the whistle has blow - your time limit is 30seconds.

India was keen to hear that a man who is senior most in Pak Army slot would be appointed. If so, India tighten its control in its-held Kashmir, more violence, more brutalities, more force and more excuses to be remain in the eastern border so as to western borders be evacuated by Pakistani Army, as witnessed in the last month.

But, the hopes dead, the dreams broken and interestingly the maps of aggression become old by the appointment of Raheel Sharif being a new Pakistani Army Chief - the writer of new doctrine how to counter insurgency within the country.

Now, Raheel spared India as week country - look into our own tray. The bag of Indian agency would be packed now and ready to go back to its own origin where it could face tit-for-tat.

Sharif’s choice surprises

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It should not be called as surprise.

The Sharif took Sharif means the harmony between the two old rival. The answer may be NOT!

One part of the segment belongs to ruler and second one from under-ruler. So what is surprise and how it can be declared as harmony!

Since 9/11, Pakistan has been fighting with outward and inward militants. Now, these militants have been fractionated into many pieces. The undergoing process of talks with these fractions, Pakistan is facing problems to bring these scattered on one page.

Raheel's appointment being a new army chief depicts towards the war policy that Indian RAW, CIA and other spy agencies playing on the Pak ground since long drifted the country to the situation like in SriLanka is facing for the last three decades and to control it as Sri Lanka has taken over the possession against leftists in their country. Raheel being an Infantry Officer, re-write the fighting doctrine hinting that if Rangers, FC are not capable to control the situation, the new doctrine then will be exercised under his vital control.

The Interior Minister Ch. Nisar has already declared three (3) phases of war in Karachi hinted months ago and the time has come to start decisive role with the help of new army chief.

Lt General Haroon Aslam resigns -

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The resignation of Lt. Gen. Haroon Aslam has been received by the MoD's secretariat and forwarded to quarter concern and accepted without ink in the pen!

The Oct 12 '99 coup makes the Aslam out of slot. Moreover, he was also known with his bad reputation in Swat operation when so many innocent people including children and women were killed during a widespread Air-based operation recommended by him.

What he sowed, now has reaped.

Kayani — his words mattered as much as actions - DAWN.COM

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What and what no!

The Kayani  gone - Sharif in. The story covers 14 years of indisciplined attitude within the country's peace. One political government successfully transact its business to new one. Prices hiked up, crimes enlarged its numbers of violence, courts announced many historical decisions, many escaped from country and so many are trying to follow their folks. Many commissions were setup.

OBL - Abbotabad  espisode, Salalah check post incident has never change the determination of Kayani to keep the distance with political rivals. His doctrine adopted by the GHQ. But...the missing persons and North Wazirastan would recall his memories day and night.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Will Sharif be third time lucky in picking COAS? - The Times of India

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This is time of Pakistan. Right decision could rise prosperity!

U.S. badly underestimated its own greenhouse gas emissions, scientists warn - World Israel News | Haaretz

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Do not worry! U.S. is going to be estimated its own greenhouse atmosphere. Its nuclear plants have already been erected in North America like, Brazil and Argentine.

This the move against its week and poor neighboring and would, in recent future, attack on these countries.

Syrian people need new leadership, says US Secretary of State,John Kerry - The Economic Times

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The grapes are sour!

The very statement by a fox is familiar even by a pupil going to school.

The whole system of administration of the globe is required to be overhaul. The US, first it plants its head, give oxygen, turn to reward, in last when the grapes do not reap, say goodbye - The grapes are sour - and started bombardment without taking into consideration how many innocent people including are dead.

Tough SC order to defence secretary - DAWN.COM

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The matter has becoming so seriously and no corner of the state is realizing the dread of the families of missing persons since long.

The State-within-a state, the former prime minster of Pakistan, SYRG while indicated in the house (NA) and he was sent back to his home town.

There is intense need of correction of minds sitting in public offices who deem themselves autocrat or dictator and feel amused while tease innocent people of Pakistan by whom they get salaries from their taxes.

Pakistan Army capable to face any challenge: Kayani

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Instead of facing any challenge in terms of threat, we should be available to give challenge with great potential to those who required for itself to learn lesson that could be unforgettable!

Pakistan begins work on new 2200-MW nuclear power plant

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The first leap to the moon!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Al Qaeda developing system to counter US drones | Pakistan Today | Latest news | Breaking news | Pakistan News | World news | Business | Sport and Multimedia

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The story published by The Washington Post has many questions to its credibility. The facts narrated in the story are not true as Pakistan has actually developed anti-drone technology that have capability to hit-back drone. The Paksitan's area in which Al-Qaeda has made its drone jammers did not identified by the US despite having unmatched hardware and software technology which depicts that the drone attacks carried out by the US administration in the territory of Pakistan is not trustworthy and the practice seems to be face saving exercise before the public of America!  Moreover, the government of Pakistan has disclosed that it has developed and established anti-drone wing that encounter drone attacks.

Deliberately, the WP has edited the facts and hide them that some technology was provided by the some CIA officials in Afghanistan to Al-Qaeda in barter with drugs for their vested interest.

Before, blaming Pakistan, the Americans must take bold steps against arms against drugs policy and identified and bring to justice such CIA elements who are involving and indulging in such business that not only heavy loss of dollars of the people of U.S.A but also damping the efforts to bring peace in Afghanistan through so-called war against terror.

Army rendered 'unmatched' sacrifices against terrorism: COAS - DAWN.COM

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The unparalleled sacrifices the in the fight against terror since 9/11, no doubt that Pak Army has shown its courage and devotion a neutral, while making such kind of statements, one should never forget that we are defensive since independence to date.

History tells us that the nations' defense had always rewarded with increase of geographically. Keeping in view, we did sacrifice a lot but since 1947 to now we could not forward even an inch. We have been deprived with water from our eastern borders and curtailed from western borders since.

Sacrifices does meant to remain beggar!.

Unreliable US does not want peace in Pakistan: Nisar - DAWN.COM

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Ok, fine. But is the plan; A, B, or C if US pull back its support from Pakistan in terms of socio-economic corner. The leaders are used to talk about like Nisar but unable to plan out for the nation could stand on its own feet.

There is indeed need of brain storming of the nation instead of open test fires. The education system, the economic system, the tax system and systems the really needed much overhauling.

Yes, the US has lost her trustworthiness, but what we have delivered to our mass. This is a game of "baba black sheep" that have always three bags full - one for the aid, one for the sake and one for the little interest that lives in the huge fake!

We have been invited to shoot dead through drone to whom...the real characters of terrorism or the rivals live within the FATA. It has been said to be believed that most of the killings were out of terrors killings but to kill their own vested lords who considered to be terrors.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

US drone strike kills senior Haqqani leader in Pakistan | Bangkok Post: news

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This been a first time that drone attack carried out within the Pakistan's Territorial area. Few days ago, district bannu was targeted.

The forces are advanced, they have achieved their goal by reaching KP province, the more advancement is under process when US drone attacks would carried out to the strategic sites of Pakistan defense. This is just promo of the uncensored forthcoming film of US. The same drama will be staged as on May 2 of 2012 episode when OBL was killed and taken away.

This theme or exercise was carried out in GHQ was put to target and Lahore when SriLankan cricket team was targeted. The evaluation was estimated and achieved in May 2 of OBL. The "Mission to reach Bomb" accurately done.

So the assure-ties, bondage, packages, deals etc are all eye wash. In 2014, 10,000 trops would be remained in Afghanistan means they do not walk for tourism, their presence would be to target our most worth assets.

Saudi Rage Over Syria Leaves Shiites Anxious About Reprisals - Bloomberg

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In all over the world, leaders, head of the states, chief executive of the countries, autocrats, theocrates and similar to them are playing their traitor role with the Islam. Almost all of them are the main cause to breach their oaths, break the peace of Islam and world. What Shia or Sunni, this is the war against Islam. Why non-muslim countries do not indulged in such kind of problems, only Muslim countries have been used as fuel to fulfill their goals.

Ticking bomb: Experts for awareness, political will to curb population growth – The Express Tribune

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What non-sense is this...the alive group of people rising the occasion to halt further population. The lame excuse is used like mother health, economic burden etc etc.

Please behave your-self -  why do not these small group waste themselves. When they came in the life their mother's must be at deteriorated and the economy went more down.

 Question: Why does this group not eradicate itself so as to many of health seekers may get benefits and the economy, on the other hand will be strengthen!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Strong evidence against Musharraf in treason case - The Times of India

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Evidence be strong or weak, nothing to be happened. The treason case against the dictator would be a duck's egg! The Pandora box would open and many gentlemen can easily be seen, but these gentlemen do want to come up because they have strong grip on Pakistan's domestic affairs.

Israel behind Beirut bombings; Iran -

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This is what the whole Islamic world is roaring. Nothing is new, the Israel not only indulged in middle east but also its vicious nose is being poked in the South Asian Countries like Pakistan. The Rawalpindi's recent case is evident.

No more drone strikes during Taliban talks, US assures Pakistan - DAWN.COM

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Mr. Sartaj Aziz, Special Advisor on Foreign Affairs to Pakistan has carrying the bag of hopes that US will not use drone to attacks on its former allies during the peace talk with Pakistan.

This assurance has been given by the tops of US administration. While on the other hand, what surety has been bonded by the advisor if talks are not successful in the lines of US action.

If talks are unsuccessful, the drone are allowed to attack else where in Pakistan including where drones are often used killing those who do not have any role in any game of so-called terrorism.

Further to above surety, talks to be held with TTP or Afghan Taliban, neither US nor Pakistani administration have given any clue whatsoever.

So, be ready, if peace is embedded with success, drone attacks would be continued or if the case is otherwise the drone line of action shall remain unchanged.

In 2014, expectations are very high that US and allied forces will quit safely with the help of drone because neither Pakistan wants to lose its bill of more than Billions nor Taliban wants to  withdraw their entity in both Pakistan & Afghanistan.

Nothing to prove.....

Monday, November 18, 2013

Six reasons why Misbahul Haq should not be blamed – The Express Tribune Blog

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6 Reasons or Article 6 of Treason?

You decide...

Pakistani TV channels fined for airing excessive Indian content | Business Standard

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No many private TV channels have no research contents, no heritage documentaries, no stuff to entertain the mass. What we can call this media as "underage media" or in Urdu language "Na baligh media".

Google and Microsoft agree software measures that will block child abuse images - Daily Record

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The delay in action, the delay in manners.

The media has now been awaken when the fire caught their own home town. Many youngsters of rich families are annoyed of their teenagers day to day sex-abusive activities.

Actually, such kind of activities were made to spoil civil society in Muslim countries, but they deadly captured in their own net.

Up to 12,000 Afghan Taliban eliminated in 2013: UN report - DAWN.COM

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The report about 12,000 Afghan Taliban eliminated in only 2013.

How can be certified these figures as no independent source of information is available.

Shocking video: Boeing’s nosedive in Kazan captured, as crash causes debated — RT News

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How the plane nosedived.

Deadly sectarian unrest hits Pakistan - Central & South Asia - Al Jazeera English

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The so-called battle between Sunni and Shia declared by the Western media seems to be game of evacuation of US and ISAF forces. Moreover, the Karachi operation helps such kind of violation that unstable Pakistan, day by day.

Sectarian violence spreads in Pakistan after days of unrest | Reuters

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The shocking violence erupted in Rawalpindi-Pakistan on 15th Nov 13.

The bounce back of forces who are gathering against the country, an analyst say. He further added that it can be an responsive episode of Mumbai attacks.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Saudi Arabia officially rejects UN Security Council seat |

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After Syria conflict, Saudi Arabia has a great set back when USA and West refused to take stern action against Syria. The destroy of chemicals by Syria jeopardize the whole game of middle east and its related politics. The Russia played a pivotal role in conclusion of conflict. Now, the Saudi Arab has been isolated from the scene and World as well. Moreover, its dubious relations with Israel  has also in connection with Iran hits another punch to UKSA when Israel showed reluctance to attack Iran.

The oil-based-war turning its face to Saudi Arab, riots in the country also damaging its sovereignty, the back bounce of women driving prohibition also deface the country.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pak rulers, politicians are US slaves: TTP - PakTribune

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The of rulers of Pakistan are slaves to America...


The rulers of TTP are salves to whom?
  • India?
  • Drug customers?
  • Smugglers?
  • Kidnappers?
  • Extortionists?
  • Murderers?
  • Their cheap vested interests?
  • Their hunger to be king of all?
  • Their thrust of unfinished glass?

Nothing in the hands of them!

Those killed in fight against terrorism are martyrs: PM

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The term "those" used by the premier of Pakistan needs to be clarified to the people of Pakistan.

Who are "those" and who are not?

Once again, loophole in the statements by the troika in recent past left ambiguity in the circles of analysts and critics!

Slain Haqqani leader lived near Pak capital for years: Reports - Indian Express

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Nasirudding Haqqani killing in the capital city of Pakistan left many questions to whom it may concern or not.

But one question to be answered as to why and in which circumstances Nasirudding Haqqani slain? Hakeem Ullah Mahsood before Nasirudding Haqqani's assassination leads towards India who is playing playcard next to her chest on behalf of US in fear of Kashmir. Both India and US are playing with fire and dish would be served in Pakistan - Why?

Ties with the US: Islamabad unlikely to rock the boat – The Express Tribune

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Ties of both the countries shall remain in dark till the bye-bye of US and its allied forces from Afghanistan. However, Pakistan should remain intact with US to get is bill worth $120B from US as occurred in the so-called war against terror.

Secondly, Pakistan needs help in economic areas that have never been addressed by China, S.Arabia, UAE, Turkey or other "fair weather friends"!

Controversial remarks: Army demands apology from Munawar Hassan – The Express Tribune

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What we can imagine about the remarks (Controversial or otherwise) of JI's chief, past has been spoken when JI together with Af. Taliban and Pak Army fought with one platform against USSR. So, in the lines of one-page format of troika, the "martyrdom" of Hakeem Ullal Mahsood will remain in debate for long long time in the history of Pakistan.

It is obvious that neither PA nor JI has the authority to certify who may or may not martyrdom. So, be in limits while making such kind of statements. Both PA and JI shows their irresponsible attitude.

With peace talks ‘droned’ out, Nawaz visits GHQ – The Express Tribune

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ISPR statement not an interference in politics: Pervaiz Rasheed – The Express Tribune

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Yes it is, well, this kind of remarks by the official spokesman to the present government. It seems to be flattering to quarter concern. If so, it is not interference in means the statement issued with the approval and by the pleasure of CEO of the IRoPk and the CoAs.

PML-N has the history in past, present and may be in future too, to play with horn, firstly it adopts, refute and again have a cup of tea in a golf course!

Monday, November 11, 2013


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If Mush's wrong decision was not obeyed the situation of "tit for tat" may not arisen.

“The people of Pakistan, whose loved ones laid down their lives while fighting the terrorists, and families of shuhada of armed forces demand an unconditional apology from Syed Munawar Hassan for hurting their feelings”.

Who is martyrdom and who is not, we should respect by all means, the Pakistan Army has a great significance and its soldiers paid a great tribute to the state. Neither a question should be asked nor the answer should be rough.

Army lambasts JI chief for calling terrorists ‘martyrs’

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In a rare but furious reaction, Pakistan Army on Sunday lambasted head of a religious party for declaring terrorists killed in the war against terror ‘martyrs’ but denying the honorific for army soldiers killed in battle with the Taliban.

In a strongly worded statement, the ISPR asked Munawar Hassan to clear the position of his party on the issue. Families of martyred army personnel and people who lost their loved ones in the terrorist attacks demand Jamaat-e-Islamai chief to tender an ‘unconditional apology’, it said.

This "office order" issued with the approval and pleasure of COAS!

Pakistan army asks Jamaat chief to apologise for terming dead TTP chief as ‘martyr’; Hassan sticks by remarks

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In a very significant development, Pakistan army has taken asked country’s religious party Jamaat-e-Islami chief Syed Munawar Hassan to apologies for labeling dead Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief and country’s Most Wanted Terrorist Hakeemullah Meshud as ‘martyr’ and termed his statement as insult for those killed in terrorist attacks in the country.

It has been considered in past (pre-Musharraf regime or when Qazi Hussain Ahmad was Ameer of JI) that Jamat-e-Islami is an unofficial spokes person to Pakistan Army as and when PA needed to clarify its position(s) with regards to the matters purely subject to the civil matters, JI ware used.

Now, by the statement of JI's chief, the pictures curled. Analysts say that it is an effort to confuse the situation of per-evacuvation of US and allied forces from Afghanistan. As US administration ask gov of Pakistan to "do more" to re-set its troops from eastern borders to western site. Pakistan, has got an idea to play game with India in Azad Kashmir with a "ping-pong" game started at night and end prior to dawn with old guns that need refreshments. If, now US asks to do more, Pakistan simply point out to its eastern borders the situation is currently going on.

Sindh Assembly passes resolution against Munawar’s remarks -

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The Sindh Assembly on Monday passed a resolution condemning Jamat-i-Islami (JI) Ameer Munawar Hassan’s remarks.

The resolution was presented in the provincial assembly by PPP, MQM, PML-N and PML-Functional. Assembly members called on Hassan to tender an unconditional apology to the nation.

What really resolution passed by the Sindh Assembly. In fact, it seems to be number game to get space in the heart of PA as local bodies elections are in line. If JI is out of the game, major political parties except PML-N would easily set target to win the LBe.

But what would be happened if the blame game rests for long. Critics say that in the run of certification of martyrdom(s) for heaven or hell, the stage of politics could be endangered.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Contradiction - II | Business Recorder

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Contradiction - II | Business Recorder

PTI issues white paper against Jang, Geo News groups | The News Tribe

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PTI issues white paper against Jang, Geo News groups | The News Tribe

Corp executives gather fortune, regulators look sideways - DAWN.COM

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Nothing would be done in connection with betterment of Pakistan. SECP role seems to be dirty gainer as most of the mega scams are epic center at SECP. The scam starts and ends up at SECP. Some critics say that the SECP becomes point of lawyers facilitation center (LFC) where huge fees are being given against a case that ho no importance. If some aggrieved from SECP, he is more than welcome he is offered a cup of tea because of source of income to SECP insiders great lawyers negotiators (GLN) through vicious old folks.

Delay in appointment of 28 PSE heads

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Delay in appointment of 28 PSE heads - DAWN.COM

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Putin now ‘world’s most powerful person’ - World News | IOL News |

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This is an interesting move by U.S.A that it is going to empower its old rival. In this exercise, USA wants to pull out itself from the pressure what it faced in Middle East and Afghanistan. Russian President Vladimir Putin's nomination through Forbes like a gesture that application for cooperation is made.

Iran 'Likely' To Abandon Pakistan Gas Project

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There was no need of such project where partners do not trust in each other. Moreover, Iran has never ever a trustworthy friend of Pakistan. In past, Iran did support Pakistan over Kashmir issue, it has always support to India. So if the IPGP remains unsuccessful, we should thank to God who protect Pakistan from such a disastrous and full of loss project.

We should welcome the projects that can make Pakistan more powerful.

Karachi case: SC rejects report on arms and drugs smuggling | PAKISTAN -

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All the paramilitary forces including Rangers, Coast Guard, Pakistan Maritime Agency and Police be overhauled. Specially Pakistan Rangers may be throw out after conclusion of Karachi Operation. After that CG, PMA and at the end, the police be re-recruited and there should be no old folks be remained even from constable to IG so the corruption virus be removed permanently.

Monday, October 28, 2013

How a 'tycoon' held financial system hostage! | Business Recorder

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SECP's officials are also the stakeholder in 'bulls and bears' trend running till now. The information received from the companies announcing dividends, bonus and rights can easily be bought from top to bottom.

It is interestingly spread all over the stock marketing within a minute or two.
The Advisor (A,R, Qureshi) to SECP who is said to be believed is a main culprit, he, with his vast experience and manipulation techniques and well aware of highly sensitive record of the companies can turn the game to his corridors so that billion of rupees can be made like 'minute mind'. All beneficiaries took their pie and share with him!

Ogra reference: an uphill task for NAB chief - DAWN.COM

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Ogra scandal is a test case of current regime. Many big fishes including the former SECP chairman and sitting Commissioner SMD have the strong contacts with the international 'stock mafia'!

SECP tells cos not to appoint non qualified auditors

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In Punjab language; an adij is well spoken that "Malla da Huka Sukka": means the boat driver's traditional smoking pipe remains unwatered. The SECP's officials are also not capable to read the balance sheets, profit and loss accounts together with Auditors' and Directors' report submitted by the companies (Public unlisted, Public listed and private companies registered under the Companies Ordinance, 1984)!

So how the SECP can direct the companies for due-diligence while appointing auditors. Moreover, by this stupid move, many public auditors firms who are not the member of ICP can justify. This move seems to be domination of CA firms. It also seems to be nepotism.

Nawaz Sharif to attend crucial meeting on Afghanistan in London - The Times of India

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The landmark initiative is going to take place. The U.S and its allied are very keen to hear soon a well responded and easy acquittal from Afghanistan. The line of action would be drawn.

US denies Barack Obama was aware of spying on Angela Merkel |

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What a co-incidence. A President of Super Power was unaware of the matter directly goes under his nose!

Asfandyar, Afrasiab struck $35million deal with US, Hoti claims – The Express Tribune

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All these are deal makers. If no money or share received by him he become deal broker!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

40,000 Afghan SIMs active in country - DAWN.COM

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If this practice is not stopped at once, the cellular companies would prevail and damage the security of Pakistan. All the cellular companies are involved equally and should bring to law justifiably as soon as possible. In this regards, courts should move actively instead of waiting for the right time for right decision.

Germany, France united in anger over US spying accusations - World - DNA

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What kind of special thing wants to find by the US administration while reaching deep into the private data of Western countries. The US, day by day, gets itself involved into mal-practices that does not allow by the international charter of human rights.

Former PM Gilani, security officials deny US drone collusion

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All the stakeholders in the case of drone attacks are saving their face even US and the West media. No one can spare from the brutality and caused killing more than the data shown by each shareholder.

From East: Japanese art goes on display at Alhamra – The Express Tribune

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From East: Japanese art goes on display at Alhamra – The Express Tribune

Worldview: Fooled again on Pakistan?

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The moto of Pakistan "Trade not Aid" shall leads to America towards the state of war. If the "Do more" sustains then be ready to defeat of be-defeated.

Get the Data: The Pakistan government’s secret document | The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

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The data reveals that untestified and unjustified drone attacks were carried out. So the US is not in the position to clarify its so-called WMD in Iraq, Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and now in Syria. Be sure, all efforts are made to weaken the strength  of Muslims through their pupit head of the state of chief executive of the countries.

Yemen: Reported US covert actions 2013 | The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

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The drone strike in Yemen is an attempt to curtail Saudi Arabia to its loyalty towards US but also a threat to keep away itself from Israel.

Obama 2013 Pakistan drone strikes | The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

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It is very interesting that in NWS and SWS in tribal areas administered by FATA-Pakistan that most of the casualties are happened in rage of mutual enmity. The major drone strikes are done in information passed on local militants or residuals by whom or to whom having disputes for a peanut peas.

The drones were controlled through remote system developed under the highly sophisticated software. The drone does not have eyes, neither it has the capability to capture image in real and focusing lenses nor having color photography. The drone works like a bee that can see things in black & white.

Not only the US should bring to justice but also to bring informers as well.

Chris Woods | The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

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The data gathered after a comprehensive research by the zero-lined researchers shows that how America respect and values the life of innocents?

US must release data on civilian drone casualties, says UN report | The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

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US must release data on civilian drone casualties alone in Pakistan. If the data correspond with the figures that Pakistan and other independent sources it means the human values are sabotage brutally by the U.S.A. that is shameful indeed.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International issue blistering reports on U.S. Drone War.

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"Will I be Next?" US Drone Strikes in Pakistan | Amnesty International USA

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"Will I be Next?"

Saudi Arabia: Empty promises as crackdown intensifies | Amnesty International

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Amnesty International, do not trust in it. AI works like a newspaper that runs by advertisement. If no ad meant to a flop paper. AI and HRGs are working to un-complete the agenda of vested powers around the globe. They focus, help and provide with an opportunity to invade in the country rich of natural resources.

Circular debt: IPPs slashed output after receiving Rs480b – The Express Tribune

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The IPPs are working like a spy agencies that have mission to break Pakistan into pieces. The utilities providers agencies including local are also get hands with IPPs, These autonomous esteems are playing with fire.The plant a seed of isolation in Pakistan by not providing for what they have licensed.

Daily Fruits And Veggies Increase Life Span - Health News - redOrbit

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Your comments please!

Barack Obama asks Nawaz Sharif why 26/11 trial has not started yet

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Do your own business! This would be the statement of Pakistani premier; Drone attacks suit should be filed in the Security Council by Pakistan instead having this question

why 26/11 trial has not started yet 

The US President also brought up the issue of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), cross border terrorism and Dr Shakil Afridi.

The above asked question pointing out that the U.S administration is not interesting what Nawaz Sharif brought with himself to present before Obama.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

RPPs, Ogra & Modaraba scams: NAB officials asked to complete probe at the earliest

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Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Qamar Zaman Chaudhry on directed the bureau officials to complete investigation into Rental Power Projects (RPPs), Oil and Gas Regulation Authority (Ogra) and Modaraba corruption scams at the earliest.

It is interested to note that the officials of SECP; namely Imtiaz Haider, Commissioner SMD and former chairman SECP Muhammad Ali have simple provided a room to escape from the scandle.

What interest can be of the government to shelter both of the officials?

US and Saudi Arabia rift: John Kerry faces a headache over over Saudi plans to ‘shift away’ from ally over Syria - Middle East - World - The Independent

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The sudden realignment came under the spotlight at the end of last week when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia astonished the diplomatic community by turning down a seat on the UN Security Council just one day after being elected to the body.  Riyadh has been infuriated both by the US decision to hold back from launching air strikes against the Syrian regime and by paralysis in the Security Council since the conflict in Syria began.

The reason behind this U-turn by KSA is that the USA wanted to give a peanut while the King has realized the ongoin situation in Middle East.

Nawaz Sharif visits Obama, but the US is a ‘master’, not a ‘friend’ – The Express Tribune Blog

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This is a game of no game. Yes, if master orders to open your note book then you are not spouse to be open "currency book" or the book you have interest in it.

What Nawaz can ripe from the basket of sour grapes. How many jumps can Pakistan make; you guess 1,2,3 ....but nothing can be changed.

This Pakistan's political incompetence that we often change our friends. We are now trying to put U.S.A off but in the mean time we also look elsewhere like Russia, we look to Turkey after saying goodby to Saudi Arabia, we hand shake with Iran for nothing by Pakistan Iran Gas Pipeline project.

Domestic consumers to get gas only in cooking hours

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Well done our utilities providers, gas would only be available at cooking time. By doing so, others shall follow like, water would be available at rush hours, i.e. bath or toilet timing, electricity has already made available at the cost of pay we provide at our will. Telephone and its related products like DSL or ordinary line found not in order. Same as above, oxygen will also be available to those who can afford to pay its price (like in jail-prisoner can use mobile phones).

So be ready, the natural air from which we used to breath would also be available at cost and timings (of providers will).

Our so-called judicial system shall run in the same pace..."we will issue order", we have to called responsible" etc etc.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pakistan court orders PCB chairman elections | Cricket - News |

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Islamabad High Court appears to have scuppered moves by a new Interim Management Committee (IMC) to delay choosing a permanent chairman for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

The PCB has been in uproar since May, when the Islamabad court threw out the then-chairman Zaka Ashraf over what it called the "dubious" process by which he was elected.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif appointed veteran journalist Najam Sethi as interim PCB chairman in June but a month later the court ordered Sethi to hold elections by October 18.

70.3 million French phone records, 30 days: U.S. envoy summoned after new NSA report draws ire | CTV News

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This sort of practice between partners that invades privacy is totally unacceptable and the world would have to make surewe have to make sure, very quickly, that this illicit practice shall be no longer happened in future.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Malala did not deserve Nobel Peace Prize, say residents of her Swat Valley home - Telegraph

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The opposition is highly need of knowledge based education. This is the difference of "only educated" and "the knowledge educated". The locals remains folks as they do not what the prize meant for. It can be clearly said that they need more treatment in terms of knowledge based education not simpl education for "Naukari".

Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons wins Nobel Peace Prize

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The title or prize for Miss Universe powered by major stakeholder, brokers and the companies producing products around the globe. So the Noble prize driven by "human rights" organization which unfortunately being used by international vested interest nations. In other words, fund they do not have the product to sell of course. Malalah did not make a "cat walk" on the runway to attract interested. While, Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons wins Nobel Peace Prize depicting that the prejudiced nations having their own vested interests in terms of invasion to another strategic countries to loot up their resources through the winning organization. It is quite un-happy and unfair.

Once again, it is not wining of Malalah, it is won by Taliban supporters -  so think ahead, do not see in past.

Malala meets fear and jealousy in Pakistan hometown Mingora |

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The approach of locals are surprisingly doubtful, however, Malalah should preserve with her vision. Many hurdles to come, many curves shall compel her to change the path, many sharp turns would around her...but she will have to walk through in straight line of action, spoiler will come from rare trying to cross her or come up in front of her to block Malalah. It is a race of "rabit and turtle. No matter what time is required but the goal is obvious.

Taliban sexually abuse suicide bombers during training, NDS says - Central Asia Online

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Taliban have been found their prey like young boys escaped from their homes, escaped prisoners alike. Most of the Taliban do not have family or even family background, much of  them are un-married, drug and alcohol users. It is said to be believed that the same treatment would have been given to them as they did so in their past, a scholar said requesting anonymity.

Malala Yousafzai didn't win the Nobel Peace Prize. She didn't need to - Telegraph

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No mention, the award just like a symbol of notability. However, the West as its past prejudicial school of thought, deprived her from the right. It means, the activities of international human rights are so-called, by doing so, it means that the Talibal's plea has been acceptable to whom all the nobility goes to them instead. Malalah was shown the path by given EU's Sakharov human rights prize and invitation by Queen Elizabeth-II that she is not going to be decorated with Nobel prize! 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blast kills 1 on Lahore food street - The Hindu

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The very first to inform - The Hindu; a widely circulated English language newspaper in India hits once again with the bomb blasted in Lahore on Thursday, 10th October 2013. The newspaper is informing to its readers or trying and making victory over Lahore since 1965?

PM says govt devising new laws to counter terror - DAWN.COM

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Mr.Nawaz Sharif said that strict laws were being formulated to counter the menace and that these would be enforced as soon as they are finalized.

Ok, but remember one thing which you have made in your esteemed past regime; the Anti-Terrorism Act and Courts....The purpose should be for nation not for the saving of own skin (that did not work well and you were forcefully expelled from you throne).

Keep in mind, it should be exercise in letter and spirit not for political opposition!

Malala has done "nothing" to earn rights prize: Taliban -

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"She has done nothing. The enemies of Islam are awarding her because she has left Islam and has became secular," Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Shahidullah Shahid told AFP.

Come on Taliban, why do you blame and count up that done never by Malalah. Be Islamic, realistic and do not become illiterate if know the Islam well.

Come on be Islamic student rather than the student for terror! Behave yourself. 

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Pak SC grants bail to Musharraf in Bugti murder case - The Hindu

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The two "rival" are becoming re-friends. The same wine with the old-wine-glass. It is generally composed of three parts: the bowl, stem, and foot. The bowl is CJSC, the stem is Khakis while the foot is Bureaucrats. The sweet establishment wine then drunk in the name of "great public interest, necessity of  time, to run smooth democracy" and what can you fit upon.

Former Pakistani dictator Musharraf granted bail | Top News | Reuters

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The all eggs are duck eggs...The Supreme Court of Pakistan has finally bailed out Musharraf on Bughti murder case. There are sequence of cases against him and no one can touch him without cost.

The apex court has taken lenient view while bailing him out. The big question on the apex court is as to why the case linger on without solid reason(s) as many as cases are pending with this Court!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

FO terms Prime Minister's visit to New York successful

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All the times, leaders trip to USA have always been successful in the great interest of Pakistan.

Is there any leader who has the courage to tell truth?

Pakistan militant clashes leave 13 dead | Sky News Australia

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A piece of cheese - a fight for lease!

Result- Nothing in the tease.

Pakistan, UK genuine development partners and close friends: Nawaz

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Mr. Nawaz Shariff, be aware of friendship, as many countries are found involved in terrorism activities in Pakistan to boost up their economies when brain with money drains out! Their lucrative investment immigration policies towards making poor Pakistan and fill their banks with Pakistani money!

They are also involved in destabilize Pakistan, like lyari gangs

Ishaq Dar calls on PM Nawaz -

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Ishaq Dar said that the government is paying Rs. 167 billions subsidy to protect the domestic users, at the present.

First of all, ID-FM belongs to accountancy group while he has been given task of finance management of the country. Obviously, gap between book keeping and management/arrangements of finance is quite different jobs.

Secondly, as to why Kalabagh Dam is not being constructed while election 13 given full mandate and right to PML-N to do what deem fit for Pakistan. This is the right time to enact in the right direction when campaign against terrorism is its on peak, simply make it right now!

Thirdly,  the portfolio of ministers (specially finance minister) are required to be changed as many of them do not know how the requirement of their respective jobs. So please be patient in allocation of portfolios while making decisions to appoint in the name of fun or obliging to unskilled political persons.

PM Nawaz Sharif for stringent anti terrorism laws | NewsPakistan.PK

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“There should be no gap and loophole in the anti terrorism laws which allow the terrorists to get away with dreadful crimes. We need strong, transparent but stringent laws to cope with the menace of terrorism.  Says Nawaz Sharif, Premier of Pakistan.

It iw worthwhile to notice that ATC clauses 6 & 7 seem to be reserved for political gains. As to why these clauses have not been excericed in past and now for across the board?

Speculations over Gen Wynne’s successor - DAWN.COM

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This is not the question as to whom should be appointed as CJCSC, but the question is this as to why unconcerned quarters are raising the ocassion and causing conflict of interest within the Armed Forced of Pakistan; including media!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013 The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal

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The lesson we can learn to teach to our nation....

Miandad offers to quit as DG, PCB | Pakistan Today | Latest news | Breaking news | Pakistan News | World news | Business | Sport and Multimedia

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There should be ban on Pakistan’s ex players to be coach of any world class cricket team. Means, These players give tips to opposition teams what they know about the weaknesses of their own home country team members, therefore, other teams like Zimbabwe has thec ourage to defeat Pakistan. The cricketers, who has been cause of defeat in past, present and future may be prosecuted under Article 6 of the Constitution of Pakistan...
What do you say?
There should be ban on Pakistan ex players to be coach any world class cricket team. Means, These players give tips to opposition teams what they know about the weaknesses of their own home country team members, therefore, other teams like Zimbabwe has the courage to defeat Pakistan. - See more at:
There should be ban on Pakistan ex players to be coach any world class cricket team. Means, These players give tips to opposition teams what they know about the weaknesses of their own home country team members, therefore, other teams like Zimbabwe has the courage to defeat Pakistan. - See more at:

Monday, September 23, 2013

Risks in tax officials accessing bank accounts - DAWN.COM

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Risks in tax officials accessing bank accounts - DAWN.COM

Pakistan Christians protest deadly weekend attack - Latest News -

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We held condolence with The Christian  Community and request them to cool down but would suggest in the meanwhile to attract U.S.A and its allied towards the one sided aggression through drone attacks the innocent who martyred in these attacks were son, daughter, wife, husband and blood relations.

Pakistan Christians protest deadly weekend attack - Latest News -

Friday, September 20, 2013

Leading brokers attempt to get SECP report revised -

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SECP a toy to play by brokers at their will and wish!

Leading brokers attempt to get SECP report revised -

SECP board submit its findings to SC - The Lahore Times

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Question #1: SECP is an institution or a "mafia"? Its working like an underground don type.. making money.

Question #2: SECP does not have the person having integrity, honesty and able persons within the country to serve. Like more, an old advisor to SECP; who has been member/commissioner, acting chairman, legal advisor now advisor to Org... got appointmenting contracts from time and again.

SECP board submit its findings to SC - The Lahore Times

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Silent Migration of Pakistani Christians - CNN iReport

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In the month of July '13, many families belong to christian  community were brought U.S. by an unseen U.S. philanthropist to United Sates of America through Islamabad and Lahore Airport. The next schedule to take rest of the families is in October '13.

Silent Migration of Pakistani Christians - CNN iReport

Monday, September 16, 2013

BBC News - Imran Farooq murder: Police spoke to 4,000 people

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The is what the great Britain police...the country having most state-of-the-art technology, and resources failed to find the suspect of Imran Farooq murderer in their own state. They have the men but looking for a suitable time to bug...

BBC News - Imran Farooq murder: Police spoke to 4,000 people

London police: Slain MQM leader Imran Farooq wants own political party | NewsPakistan.PK

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Why Imran Farooq wanted to establish a new party that play politics within Pakistan and abroad. If so, the question is that why Imran Farooq escaped from the country after mass killings under the umbrella of MQM?

London police: Slain MQM leader Imran Farooq wants own political party | NewsPakistan.PK

'Army supports political process but will not let terrorists coerce us into accepting terms'

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What kind of political dialogue rested with the nation... the supporters of political process just want to put a feather in their caps over the life of innocents people of Pakistan. NO, not at all. The path of political process ways to elections that have been done in May 13'. Now the game has over, Slain terrorists at once to teach lesson to those who want to have a cup of tea with them.

Few terrorists can not be allowed to jeopardize the peace of the Country, neither they can present a table and chair to sit around nor break them into peaces to invite them to talk. Put pressure on them as much as possible. The terrorists must be hanged within the mass so that witnesses may learn how to create terror.

Mr. Ashfaq Parvez Kayan, put pressure on the political government of Pakistan to retrieve Death Penalty.

Terrorists can't coerce Pakistan to accept their terms: Gen Kayani - Indian Express

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Come on not waste time to punch them at once and "Rond Daloo ein bey rehmon ko"... and to those who facilitate them even an individuals or the group or the state-witnin-a-state elements. Do not look else where " Latoon kay Bhoot batoon sey nehien mantay"!
This is a real time to tell them that we are Pakistan Army; the Army that means for!

Terrorists can't coerce Pakistan to accept their terms: Gen Kayani - Indian Express

Pakistan Army capable, terrorists can`t coerce us: Ashfaq Parvez Kayani

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Cursh them for ever, do not miss call this time! The terrorists may think they escape from the unreal situation; impossible. Our Army have the capability to smash all the terrorists and their nexus.

Pakistan Army capable, terrorists can`t coerce us: Ashfaq Parvez Kayani

Thursday, September 12, 2013

US pastor Terry Jones arrested after threats to burn Holy Quran – The Express Tribune

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This true EXTREMISM my dear U.S.A.... why don't you put a drone attack on him???

US pastor Terry Jones arrested after threats to burn Holy Quran – The Express Tribune

Enforced disappearance: Masood Janjua killed in Waziristan, SC told – The Express Tribune

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The case of Masood Janjua disappearance and assassination,  Supreme Court of Pakistan jeopardize itself in a puzzlement.

Enforced disappearance: Masood Janjua killed in Waziristan, SC told – The Express Tribune

Reforms are having positive impact on economy: Dar

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Dar Sahib is optimistic  about running reforms when price of every things are going skying high. What positive impact on economy-stake holders to enjoy??? Jan-e doo yar - Qyun chortay ho!!!

Reforms are having positive impact on economy: Dar

Govt proposes winding up PIA

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Dr. Mr. Ahsan, would you like to elaborate the whole process of wingding up process?

Govt proposes winding up PIA

U.S.A think tanks and aminsitration: WHAT A COCKTAIL>

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"All of this is horrific. All of us as human beings feel terrible when we see the extraordinary loss of life that [has] occurred in Syria," Rice said. "With chemical weapons, they can kill with indiscriminate abandon. People who are innocent are employed in conflict. It is of a greater magnitude because if terrorists get ahold of those weapons, if other dictators get ahold of those weapons, they can be used on a massive scale."

John Boehner
"We have enemies around the world that need to understand that we're not going to tolerate this type of behavior."

John McCain
"I am against delaying reaction to what is a massacre of a thousand people," McCain said. "You saw these pictures of these dead children. Come on. This is horrific. We can't stand by and watch this happen."

John Kerry
"This is what Assad did to his own people," Kerry said. If the U.S. allowed "a thug and a murderer like Bashar al-Assad" to get away with gassing his own people, he added, "there will be no end to the test of our resolve and the dangers that will flow from those others who believe that they can do as they will."

Rand Paul
"I think the Islamic rebels winning is a bad idea for the Christians, and all of a sudden we'll have another Islamic state where Christians are persecuted," Paul said.

Sarah Palin
"As I said before, if we are dangerously uncertain of the outcome and are led into war by a Commander-in-chief who can’t recognize that this conflict is pitting Islamic extremists against an authoritarian regime with both sides shouting 'Allah Akbar' at each other, then let Allah sort it out," Palin continued.

Ted Cruz
“We should be focused on defending the United States of America. That’s why young men and women sign up to join the military, not to, as you know, serve as Al Qaeda’s air force.”

Barack Obama
"This attack is an assault on human dignity. It also presents a serious danger to our national security. It risks making a mockery of the global prohibition on the use of chemical weapons. It endangers our friends and our partners along Syria’s borders, including Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq. It could lead to escalating use of chemical weapons, or their proliferation to terrorist groups who would do our people harm.

Bob Menendez
"Assad has made a calculation now ... that he can use chemical weapons, or he believes he can use chemical weapons without consequence," Menendez said. "And in doing so there is a global message that in fact other state actors and other non-state actors may believe they can do so as well."

CIA Delivering Light Weapons To Syrian Rebels: AP Sources

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This what CIA has always been done in connection with its failure. Firstly, it makes supporters while finishing its unfinished and ever unsuccessful agenda towards the peace of the world then it blames that terrorists are in the region!!!

CIA Delivering Light Weapons To Syrian Rebels: AP Sources

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