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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Behind the Chinese-Pakistani Nuclear Deal -

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This bolg is readable.

More comments are awaiting.

US looking forward to working with new Pakistan Army chief - The Economic Times

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Please wait... Pakistan will come back after a short break.

There were so many commercial ads would be on-aired while this short break.

U.S., despite of super power, has now in the ques to wait...sit in the bench placed out of the room, take a cigarette with a cup of tea while office time is over.

Please come again but before taking appointment!

Flexing autonomy, Pakistani leader picks outsider to lead army |

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Your time has started now.... The bell has rung, the whistle has blow - your time limit is 30seconds.

India was keen to hear that a man who is senior most in Pak Army slot would be appointed. If so, India tighten its control in its-held Kashmir, more violence, more brutalities, more force and more excuses to be remain in the eastern border so as to western borders be evacuated by Pakistani Army, as witnessed in the last month.

But, the hopes dead, the dreams broken and interestingly the maps of aggression become old by the appointment of Raheel Sharif being a new Pakistani Army Chief - the writer of new doctrine how to counter insurgency within the country.

Now, Raheel spared India as week country - look into our own tray. The bag of Indian agency would be packed now and ready to go back to its own origin where it could face tit-for-tat.

Sharif’s choice surprises

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It should not be called as surprise.

The Sharif took Sharif means the harmony between the two old rival. The answer may be NOT!

One part of the segment belongs to ruler and second one from under-ruler. So what is surprise and how it can be declared as harmony!

Since 9/11, Pakistan has been fighting with outward and inward militants. Now, these militants have been fractionated into many pieces. The undergoing process of talks with these fractions, Pakistan is facing problems to bring these scattered on one page.

Raheel's appointment being a new army chief depicts towards the war policy that Indian RAW, CIA and other spy agencies playing on the Pak ground since long drifted the country to the situation like in SriLanka is facing for the last three decades and to control it as Sri Lanka has taken over the possession against leftists in their country. Raheel being an Infantry Officer, re-write the fighting doctrine hinting that if Rangers, FC are not capable to control the situation, the new doctrine then will be exercised under his vital control.

The Interior Minister Ch. Nisar has already declared three (3) phases of war in Karachi hinted months ago and the time has come to start decisive role with the help of new army chief.

Lt General Haroon Aslam resigns -

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The resignation of Lt. Gen. Haroon Aslam has been received by the MoD's secretariat and forwarded to quarter concern and accepted without ink in the pen!

The Oct 12 '99 coup makes the Aslam out of slot. Moreover, he was also known with his bad reputation in Swat operation when so many innocent people including children and women were killed during a widespread Air-based operation recommended by him.

What he sowed, now has reaped.

Kayani — his words mattered as much as actions - DAWN.COM

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What and what no!

The Kayani  gone - Sharif in. The story covers 14 years of indisciplined attitude within the country's peace. One political government successfully transact its business to new one. Prices hiked up, crimes enlarged its numbers of violence, courts announced many historical decisions, many escaped from country and so many are trying to follow their folks. Many commissions were setup.

OBL - Abbotabad  espisode, Salalah check post incident has never change the determination of Kayani to keep the distance with political rivals. His doctrine adopted by the GHQ. But...the missing persons and North Wazirastan would recall his memories day and night.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Will Sharif be third time lucky in picking COAS? - The Times of India

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This is time of Pakistan. Right decision could rise prosperity!

U.S. badly underestimated its own greenhouse gas emissions, scientists warn - World Israel News | Haaretz

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Do not worry! U.S. is going to be estimated its own greenhouse atmosphere. Its nuclear plants have already been erected in North America like, Brazil and Argentine.

This the move against its week and poor neighboring and would, in recent future, attack on these countries.

Syrian people need new leadership, says US Secretary of State,John Kerry - The Economic Times

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The grapes are sour!

The very statement by a fox is familiar even by a pupil going to school.

The whole system of administration of the globe is required to be overhaul. The US, first it plants its head, give oxygen, turn to reward, in last when the grapes do not reap, say goodbye - The grapes are sour - and started bombardment without taking into consideration how many innocent people including are dead.

Tough SC order to defence secretary - DAWN.COM

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The matter has becoming so seriously and no corner of the state is realizing the dread of the families of missing persons since long.

The State-within-a state, the former prime minster of Pakistan, SYRG while indicated in the house (NA) and he was sent back to his home town.

There is intense need of correction of minds sitting in public offices who deem themselves autocrat or dictator and feel amused while tease innocent people of Pakistan by whom they get salaries from their taxes.

Pakistan Army capable to face any challenge: Kayani

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Instead of facing any challenge in terms of threat, we should be available to give challenge with great potential to those who required for itself to learn lesson that could be unforgettable!

Pakistan begins work on new 2200-MW nuclear power plant

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The first leap to the moon!

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