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Monday, December 16, 2013

Pak Army Defeated by Indian Media - The New Indian Express

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After all, the cat comes out of bag!

The Indian media has opened Pandora box of Pakistani media. The media that all the times show the battle of cattle. Never ever talked about the real and important issues. The old faces occupied media with their conventional ideas that people of Pakistan has rejected and switch to entertainment channels.

while on the other hand, Pakistan Army is seeking TV channel to counter Indian media. This strategy is also comment-able. A two star general has sought the necessity of its own TV channel which depicts the failure of defense the country in terms of strategic point of view and on ground. The desire of in-house media like cantonment pass to enter into the cantt area despite having national identity card issued by the government of Pakistan. Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, expelled premier; The State within a State!

While having atomic power, more than 800,000 personnel, cream of brain, state-of-the art arms technology, so what thing has put the army back to the door. With only a TV channel, goal can be achieved for which the people of Pakistan bear the cost of such a huge manpower!

By indulging Pakistan army into focus of media war, Pakistani media, no doubt played a strange role to populate Pakistan's better image in the global eyes. Aman ki Aasha, Zara Sochiay type of un-named social activities can never mask the better image of Pakistan. Talk shows of average commentators, race of rating, telecasting of immature and ruthless programs are the ingredients of our "childish media".

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