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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sharif’s choice surprises

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It should not be called as surprise.

The Sharif took Sharif means the harmony between the two old rival. The answer may be NOT!

One part of the segment belongs to ruler and second one from under-ruler. So what is surprise and how it can be declared as harmony!

Since 9/11, Pakistan has been fighting with outward and inward militants. Now, these militants have been fractionated into many pieces. The undergoing process of talks with these fractions, Pakistan is facing problems to bring these scattered on one page.

Raheel's appointment being a new army chief depicts towards the war policy that Indian RAW, CIA and other spy agencies playing on the Pak ground since long drifted the country to the situation like in SriLanka is facing for the last three decades and to control it as Sri Lanka has taken over the possession against leftists in their country. Raheel being an Infantry Officer, re-write the fighting doctrine hinting that if Rangers, FC are not capable to control the situation, the new doctrine then will be exercised under his vital control.

The Interior Minister Ch. Nisar has already declared three (3) phases of war in Karachi hinted months ago and the time has come to start decisive role with the help of new army chief.

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