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Friday, December 27, 2013

Nawaz offers to bring Musharraf’s ailing mother to Pakistan on special airplane – The Express Tribune

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Good offer indeed with the image that Mushi is not going to be released but this would become an eyewash as many times there is difference what is said!

Govt striving to build reserves: Dar Pakistan Business

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Be vigilant: After dollar falls new dam is going to be built!

Karachi breaks a 10-year-record with 166 kidnappings | Pakistan Today | Latest news | Breaking news | Pakistan News | World news | Business | Sport and Multimedia

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The kidnappers, for the first time in history, has made a tremendous record by taking 166 runs in a day of unlimited overs match between the The fielding side though equipped with old and latest tech but the bowlers and wicket keeper together with "Range fielders" have totally failed to beat the 4S and 6S and ones odds.

Interestingly, the former CJP's retirement, the run rate of batsmen and match-rate have been increased. The bowlers (police), wicketkeeper (CM) and the fielders (Rangers) enjoying match fixing altogether whereas the gambles (F.govt.) has loose its money by the bookies indeed.

The first catch was dropped when the bowlers (police) took a wicket but the third empire (int'l spy agencies) give decision of not out, the rate of match was then 5000Rs, the 3rd empire has taken pleas that the wicket keeper (CM) and fielders (Rangers) have not made any appeal before the field empire (local spy agencies) so therefore, it is not out.

The same batsman was once again caught N bowled by the bowler but dropped and a fielder tried to catch bounce back ball and did it with Rs.500,000/- but with earlier match fixing, the catch was dropped as wicketkeeper came forward and collided with the fielder!

The next day play will be resume if rains (NA) and gamblers (F.govt.) allows.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

American held by al-Qaida in Pakistan urges Obama for help | Home | Toronto Sun

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This link has been found available on

The man who is in AQ's custody asks his government USA to get him release. The story is, according to US officials, can not be identified or verified by independent sources.

So how one can believe it is true or false even held by AQ indeed? The story is not only strange but also a cocktail of jokes, seems to be!

Bangladesh police lay siege to Khaleda's residence - The Hindu

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This is all set to a war between two women. Since isolation from Pakistan in 71, many political upset witnessed by the people of BD.

This so-called democracy should be ended with a peaceful resolution if Pakistan makes some concrete efforts to re-join BD with itself so the endless political, social and economical war could be halted and new reforms with density of social and vocal sectors for the well being of the masses.

See how India reacts - India has on many occasions reacted too immaturely!

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Please read the following response from the US Attorney, who is US National of Indian origin.  India has on many occasions reacted too immaturely without sufficient or verified facts.

US vs Devyani Khobragade

There has been much misinformation and factual inaccuracy in the reporting on the charges against Devyani Khobragade.

It is important to correct these inaccuracies because they are misleading people and creating an inflammatory atmosphere on an unfounded basis. Although I am quite limited in my role as a prosecutor in what I can say, which in many ways constrains my ability here to explain the case to the extent I would like, I can nevertheless make sure the public record is clearer than it has been thus far.

First, Ms. Khobragade was charged based on conduct, as is alleged in the Complaint, that shows she clearly tried to evade U.S. law designed to protect from exploitation the domestic employees of diplomats and consular officers.

Not only did she try to evade the law, but as further alleged, she caused the victim and her spouse to attest to false documents and be a part of her scheme to lie to U.S. government officials. So it is alleged not merely that she sought to evade the law, but that she affirmatively created false documents and went ahead with lying to the U.S. government about what she was doing.

One wonders whether any government would not take action regarding false documents being submitted to it in order to bring immigrants into the country. One wonders even more pointedly whether any government would not take action regarding that alleged conduct where the purpose of the scheme was to unfairly treat a domestic worker in ways that violate the law.

And one wonders why there is so much outrage about the alleged treatment of the Indian national accused of perpetrating these acts, but precious little outrage about the alleged treatment of the Indian victim and her spouse?

Second, as the alleged conduct of Ms. Khobragade makes clear, there can be no plausible claim that this case was somehow unexpected or an injustice. Indeed, the law is clearly set forth on the State Department website. Further, there have been other public cases in the United States involving other countries, and some involving India, where the mistreatment of domestic workers by diplomats or consular officers was charged criminally, and there have been civil suits as well. In fact, the Indian government itself has been aware of this legal issue, and that its diplomats and consular officers were at risk of violating the law.

The question then may be asked: Is it for U.S. prosecutors to look the other way, ignore the law and the civil rights of victims (again, here an Indian national), or is it the responsibility of the diplomats and consular officers and their government to make sure the law is observed?

Third, Ms. Khobragade, the Deputy General Consul for Political, Economic, Commercial and Women’s Affairs, is alleged to have treated this victim illegally in numerous ways by paying her far below minimum wage, despite her child care responsibilities and many household duties, such that it was not a legal wage. The victim is also alleged to have worked far more than the 40 hours per week she was contracted to work, and which exceeded the maximum hour limit set forth in the visa application. Ms. Khobragade, as the Complaint charges, created a second contract that was not to be revealed to the U.S. government, that changed the amount to be paid to far below minimum wage, deleted the required language protecting the victim from other forms of exploitation and abuse, and also deleted language that stated that Ms. Khobragade agreed to “abide by all Federal, state, and local laws in the U.S.”

As the Complaint states, these are only “in part” the facts, and there are other facts regarding the treatment of the victim – that were not consistent with the law or the representations made by Ms. Khobragade -- that caused this Office and the State Department, to take legal action.

Fourth, as to Ms. Khobragade’s arrest by State Department agents, this is a prosecutor’s office in charge of prosecution, not the arrest or custody, of the defendant, and therefore those questions may be better referred to other agencies. I will address these issues based on the facts as I understand them.

Ms. Khobragade was accorded courtesies well beyond what other defendants, most of whom are American citizens, are accorded.

She was not, as has been incorrectly reported, arrested in front of her children. The agents arrested her in the most discreet way possible, and unlike most defendants, she was not then handcuffed or restrained. In fact, the arresting officers did not even seize her phone as they normally would have. Instead, they offered her the opportunity to make numerous calls to arrange personal matters and contact whomever she needed, including allowing her to arrange for child care. This lasted approximately two hours. Because it was cold outside, the agents let her make those calls from their car and even brought her coffee and offered to get her food. It is true that she was fully searched by a female Deputy Marshal -- in a private setting -- when she was brought into the U.S. Marshals’ custody, but this is standard practice for every defendant, rich or poor, American or not, in order to make sure that no prisoner keeps anything on his person that could harm anyone, including himself.

This is in the interests of everyone’s safety. Fifth, as has been reported, the victim’s family has been brought to the United States.

As also has been reported, legal process was started in India against the victim, attempting to silence her, and attempts were made to compel her to return to India. Further, the Victim’s family reportedly was confronted in numerous ways regarding this case.

Speculation about why the family was brought here has been rampant and incorrect. Some focus should perhaps be put on why it was necessary to evacuate the family and what actions were taken in India vis-à-vis them. This Office and the Justice Department are compelled to make sure that victims, witnesses and their families are safe and secure while cases are pending.

Finally, this Office’s sole motivation in this case, as in all cases, is to uphold the rule of law, protect victims, and hold accountable anyone who breaks the law – no matter what their societal status and no matter how powerful, rich or connected they are.

Courtesy: The Office of the US Attorney, Southern District of New York.
December 20, 2013

Millionaire MPs 'sans' business?

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Jhoot Bolna Mnaa Hei!

Media has reported Million of Rupees held by the current parliamentarians that have been placed on books of accounts with their respective bank accounts or businesses. Where other Million x Billion is equal to Trillion?

The PM of Pk has announced an amnesty scheme to white black money w.e.f January 2014. After this date, "railpail" of dollars can be seen as MoFin, Ishaq Dar has advised to business community to sell off their captured dollars going to have nose drive in near future. So hurry, we buy your sold dollars, cheap them again to sell at high price once again to meet expenses occurred after 12Oc99.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari poised to make parliamentary debut - DAWN.COM

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After completing of his milky tooth to 25, seven are left. Bilawal now would be ablge to chew the hard hardly! The more astonishing comes from media reports that he would be placed under the old N gold CH Sindh as adviser on law!!!

By doing so, Bilawal has set a blaze trial to children of the nation who can also be the adviser on home. Now all the children of same age group can now give advise to their respective parents on home-based politics run between the father and mother and beyond to their in-laws not to interfere or how to interfere in the funny politics.

This is a wonderful and landmark kickoff that no cartoon network channel has done ever before!!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Punjab books Imran Khan for defying ban on rallies - PakTribune

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The two bigwigs are in head locks. The first one has been accusing of violating section 144 pf ppc and the later one has nothing to do except registering a police case!

The Mall road venue is often for the protestors who have noting but to beating the drum than can not attract the hearts of mass except to disturb the commuters daily life. The authorities even to attract the soft corners of rulers pleasure defying the ethics, principals and necessities of civics.

The show down and the rule over game has always been playing at the Mall pitch; the pitch has no grass, no move even lack of bounce! Many runs are made thereon within 24 overs limited to both parties but seldom players hit wicket, caught & bold, stamp or run out on this ancient pitch of violence. The third empire has many times pending its decision but the game runs on...

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