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Monday, February 03, 2014

Punjab govt decides to launch Metro Bus service in four other cities | The News Tribe

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A Punjabi adij "Andha bantey ryorian - apnon apnon ko".

Their is immense need of development in rural areas to curtail migration to urban areas. But, the PML-N federal and provincial government has set easy targets to popularize itself through the mode which are already exist in cities.

The public fund is being utilized not only be the present government but also are being used by the migrators from rural areas since long.

Heroin: America’s Silent Assassin - The Daily Beast

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Though, the super power has been spent trillion of dollars against so-called war different titles and subjects but for Heroin, nothing has been done so far.

The Pakistani Taliban’s P.R. Offensive.

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One more chance to peace!

How many chances for peace to be given by both the side?

The surprising move by Taliban appointing proxy on their behalf are comprising those people who have never been member of their company. It is essential for a proxy that it must be an individual or a forum entity member. Neither Imran Khan nor any body else is the member of the team putting Pakistan in jeopardize. While on the other hand, the same situation seems in government's negotiators.

In this circumstance, there is no one who chair the meeting on both side that endorse the validity of such peace talks.

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