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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Justice for All!!!

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Where no justice...........!!!

Listen the song and translate it into your own language!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pakistan needs help against terrorism | World | DW.DE | 10.06.2014

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No, this is wrong opinion by the west. Pakistan does need of fair and practicle support to eliminate terrorism. The U.S and the west is not considering Pakistan's real approach and puting its own meaning while the terrorism if spread will be borderless.

Pakistani Taliban vows more violence after attack - The Washington Post

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Taliban could not be handled till the resolution of curtailing foreign support like from India, U.S. and Afghanistan. The very two earliers proxies are not on the verge of pulling  their support conditional or unconditional whatsoever to form themselves as Inspector and sub inspectors of the region. While Afghanistan is just like a pupit of those two above.

Sharifs' may take action against TTP if fully convinced that heat or revenge will not be towards Punjab, their hometown.

There is badly need to crush TTP by al means and measures without taking consideration what happened aftermath.

The military is fully ready to toss the coin with or without third. Tirah is the witness of the same and army with the help of airforce is now considering to take help of navy to enlarge their operation both north south sides.

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