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Monday, December 30, 2013

Corrupt employees to get the sack - DAWN.COM

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"Elimination of Corruption from Public Service Ordinance, 2013"

This is a headlines news came from the now-government whose most of the parliamentarians have been sacked due to having fake degrees. Not only this reason reason. the present government after a decade wait, once again hammer to adjust its favored MNA/MPA & Sanators' kins to fix in the government jobs in near future.

The two backgrounds may be forecasted:
  • To give a backup and promotion to national youth program which has received no fruitful result from the public and media, the government wants to implement a new dirty gained program to sweep out the employees both the federal and provincial governments including state owned entities, authorities, departments etc. The confusion of government led by PML-N is increased day by day.
  • To attract more electoral street power from upcoming local bodies election; to cast more votes in favor of PML-N to avoid botheration, and;
  • To send message to international donors that the present government is on the way to eradicate corruption from within the country; to get more funds in dollars as the national exchequer is going to empty.

It is interesting that the when such kind of action would be taken, the honest inquiry officers' availability would be a test time to government led by PML-N as many officers are already indulged in corruption.-the indefinite meanings as terrorism by the US led forces and itself.

Instead of cleaning so-called corrupt employees, present government should take measures to eradicate corruption from within the parliamentarians and their political party(s). The self-proclaimed-leaders teach the ways of corruption by means of putting political pressures to get their result by hook or by crook.

The wait to prorogue of the sessions of NA & SAN to go off, the will of the present government can easily be assessed as how it is in favor of masses of the nation.

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