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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Informants who helped US catch drug lords say rewards have not been paid | World news |

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Why the America has lost the game every time.


Tito will never forget the night he learned that the FBI had put a $5m price on the head of Diego León Montoya Sánchez ("Don Diego"), the leader of what was then Colombia's most powerful drug cartel. As the newest name on the FBI's list of 10 most wanted, Montoya was second only to Osama bin Laden as America's most wanted.

The failure to pay rewards may undermine the system, according to Alexandra Natapoff, a law professor at Loyola Law School, and the author of Snitching: Criminal Informants and the Erosion of American Justice.

"At some point these promises stop working if the government is no longer perceived as reliable by people who might give information," she said.

Friday, February 28, 2014

382 Chinese babies rescued in huge online child trafficking sting -

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A shoking news from China. This could be more harmful for the emerging economy in the world.

Dasti recovers empty liquor bottles from Parliament Lodges to verify his claims | SAMAA TV

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The parliament is more secure as any other part of the country is secure!

These are the remarks of Interior Minister, Ch. Nisar.

Lets spose, if the claims is endorsed by Dasti is proofable then what future of Ch and the House would be.

Legislators by day, ‘playboys’ by night

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There are more gimicks about the "revelations" on point of order yesterday.

of all, the role of acting-speaker Naeema Kishwar regarding switching
off Dasti's microphone is itself amounting to contempt of the floor of
house as she being speaker is only custodian of house only not custodian
of revelations.

Secondally, regarding advise to undergo of
medical checkup of all parliamentarians, it is indeed a need of time. If
so happens, many of parliamentarians would be nude in front of the
whole nation; not for the truth but also for treatment instead!

the prompt action against the revelations of Dasti, both Mr. Abid and
Chaudhry Nisar, it seems that ther is something wrong at the bottom!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

YouTube ordered to remove controversial 'Innocence of Muslims' video | PCWorld

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A great extremism in connection of alleged movie has ever made in trouble to U.S. The contraversial vedio on YouTube can make more revenge against U.S. as already very much has been destroyed the American image in the world.

Liquor, girls being brought to parliament lodges, alleges Dasti -

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Dasti told an old story in the parliament. Not only girls but also Eunuchs are also favourite to our beloved and scared parliamentarians.

For this reason, the acting speaker has switched off Dasti's microphone and asked to bring the facts with evidence, at her she may be enjoyed!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

4-month-old baby dies after alleged abuse, sexual assault |

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This is a highly undersirable, condemable and whatsoever you want to
narrate this extremism. No words are available to condemn. However,
curse on assaulting cop!

Monday, February 24, 2014

What's Happening in Ukraine |

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A sandwitch state within the cheese and catchup of east and west Europe.

Ther are very small amount of originally Ukrainians who are abode since long.

Take the story...

Key TTP commander Asmatullah Shaheen shot dead - DAWN.COM

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The man went to his duck, ultimately.

Asmatullah Shaheen's death is original revenage of killing not only 23 army men but also of innocent children, women, men and thousand of million of worthy properties inside Pakistan.

Bravo. Pakistan army has the capability to teach lesson, who-so-ever!

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