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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Canada’s visa system is drowning in red tape | Toronto Star

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We being a Pakistani blames our system working for red tape. But after reading this story, it can easily be understood that the nations claim themselves running with the time pace is altogether lie!

It is not only the case of Canadian visa services, the same may be experienced in U.S and even in Bangladesh like countries.

In United States, if an applicant carries bonafide intention and documents to travel to U.S, it is not necessary that will be endorsed visa. No matter what bank balance, payment of taxes and other expenses are the assets and liabilities the applicant has, refused by the visa officer with no relevant observations.

It has been observed that issuance and refusal of visa solely depends on the mood or attitude of the visa officer. If the visa officer is fresh you are granted visa or otherwise he would put you in problem. And if you have been endorsed visa, flyover to you destination, arrived at boarder, same kind of mood or attitude problem you may face while "entry clearance officer" has the power to deport you though you have visa on your passport.

In sum up, these visa officer has become "hardliners" or in easy words they are Catholics!

U.S. visa backlog leaves Afghan interpreters in limbo.

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In this instant case of loyalty with America, Nazari being
interpreter has been refused to issue SIV (Special Immigration Visa) for
the last four years.

It is American's DNA problem leaving alone
all its allies when they indeed need cooperation or reward against the
services rendered by one or stake. This is the real problem for which US
fails to successful despite of super power.

The story reveals interesting behavior of Americans.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

41 brands selling contaminated bottled water; NA informed

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It is how much unfortunate that in Pakistan alone, 41 water brands found contaminated thus.

The PCSIR in collaboration with Pakistan Council for
Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) tested samples collected in April-June 13.

It has a symbol status now a days especially in rich families or out class bureaucrats that are freely used such kind of water called "Mineral Water". 

Many "mumy-dady" families though some of them are highly educated, well mannered in social society, are using water contaminated with chemicals which is not only unsafe but also injurious to health. It is surprisingly increasing day by day, in the vicinity of average areas, every third house out of fifth became "mineral water factory".

It is also worry-able that not only the local brands are indulged in this business but also the international brands are actively shareholders to make money. The international brands release business orders to low level manufacturers who are growing like a mushroom!

It is moral duty of the companies, local/provincial and national authority to eradicate such kind inhuman practices.

Obama says at SOTU: ‘Let’s get immigration reform done this year’ | Voxxi

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Since 9/11 to date, the US has continuously developed its ties between the Hispanic and other nations to stand by the country. More work more income policy back rewards to the exchequer of the nation that went down day by day.

It is no wonder that the State of California alone wishes independence. This only state is providing not only the revenue but also bearing burden of trade deficit faced by the US.

To get rid of deportation policy and broken immigration system of US, it is important to work for the betterment of mass of American who are not used to work hard and all the times seek work force from around the globe. The latest technology has turned the US citizens into "a quick fox cannot jumps over the lady dog".

Obama Executive Omissions Leave Some Allies Angry -

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Obama Executive Omissions Leave Some Allies Angry -

Obama ignores facts on what Hispanics, all citizens need to achieve American dream | Fox News

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Obama ignores facts on what Hispanics, all citizens need to achieve American dream | Fox News

Obama's 2014 State of the Union wish list - CBS News

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Obama's 2014 State of the Union wish list - CBS News

SC rejects Musharraf’s review petitions as ‘time-barred’

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The monkey bar has been ended when SC has rejected his plea to re-endorse judgment of July 2009 by his own choice.

It is wondered that his lawyer team comprising such figures by whom he has been taken decisions without consulting law and its authority. The Mush once trapped through social media like facebook and twiter that more than 2.3 million followers like to him and the pandora box opened when landed on Pakistan's soil and no body arrived to welcome him as he dreamed of.

It is very shameful not only to him but also to those who camouflaged him for the last 28 days!

Altaf Hussain’s life under serious threat, MQM says.

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On the one side he is, while the other side is silent about his life
that Altaf Hussain has been enjoying since long as autocrat to a
hijacked party formerly known as "Mohajir Qaumi Movement".

Gen. Zia era of rule, there have been two segments got popularity; first
himself and secondly Taliban the then known as "Mujahaideens". These
2Ms given Pakistan a bad name in due course of time. The 1stM  shacked
the country with its separation movement from Pakistan all the times
while the 2nd M twisted and challenged the supreme authority of
Constitution of Pakistan.

It is he; the Altaf Hussain, used to
carry his one-point agenda put the nation in jeopardize. Now, if his
life is under danger as he claimed is just because of his autocratic
attitude within the party and overall. He is living the country where he
stakes million of launded money, according to the ongoing
investigations by Scotland Yard police.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2011: New low for US-Pakistan relations

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2014: New low for US-Pakistan relations once again at the stage of no-return point. In this year when US led forces would quit by un-saving Pakistan as in 1979 under Regan regime, the ties between both the countries surge once again.

It is said to be believed that after quitting US and allied forces, Pakistan shall once again become hub of crisis that not only prevail and effect South Asia's politics but also to whole of the world.

It is also believed that when ever, US foreign policy fails towards objective progression, the holly war against Muslims begins.The grey mind of US foreign policy re-activate like computer virus. Though Americans has good enough technology but due to their early thrust nature, it falls down. The Republican's ever strive to saving California and the Democrats rush to swallow resources of the state of California has always been put to US in problem.

The main attitude of US mentality towards positive approach remain unchanged since its independence.

Profile: Pakistan's Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry

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The former Chief Justice of Pakistan has variety of personality segments, but one of his prominent him is to poke his nose into the matters of others.

In his career, he did not only changed the behavior of prosecution but also teach defense that who the matter can be lingered on within the constitution. To sum up his personality overall, he seemed to be a man of self-centered.

Profile: Asif Ali Zardari

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Asif Ali Zardari is one of the political figure that can not be compared  with those who given dent to Pakistan.

BBC News - Profile: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

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Share your research if you have credible information that may be shared to those who do not have yet!

Bhutto son urges Pakistan military action on Taliban

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The good time to eradicate Taliban was of when her father PPP-P was ruling. Many of Taliban took growth in absence of law and rule. By connivance at Taliban, the PPP-P lead government was busy in corruption, nepotism and social ill-wills. Mega corruption scandals were born in that era. His father spoiled the party within constitutional period that Gen. Zia could not do in his regime.

The 25yrs son of a political family wants to yield result as soon as possible but the political scenario demands something else which cannot be delivered in confusing environment.

But his statements are jeopardizing to all the political stakeholders including his father's party. The party that has just lost his identity but also keep its self far away from real politics.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Call to end ‘undue’ transfers, postings in SECP

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The war within SECP takes new turn when one of the Commissioner has complained that he being a Commissioner has been ignored while transfers and postings made by the acting chairman are "undue"

A letter addressed to the acting Chairman quoting: The letter said that the acting chairman is targeting MSRD of Securities
Market Division and Market Surveillance Wing (MSW), which gives the
impression that this is all being done apparently for obtaining
predetermined outcomes and granting favours to some people and targeting
some market participants.

In his letter, he further stated that the officer who has been made head of SID may have substantial experience in the SECP, but his experience is limited to reviewing accounts of listed companies and handling SECP's internal finance and administration matters, and while he may have performed very well at his past assignments, he has no well experience in or any exposure of the capital market, which makes him unsuitable to be heading the surveillance of the capital markets.
This is despite the fact that SECP has an executive director and two directors with substantial experience and expertise in capital markets, one of whom should have been given this responsibility relevant to their field, Haider said in a letter.

Similarly, the new team assigned to him in the surveillance wing has no experience or exposure of capital market either. Enforcement is a large part of the mandate of the SECP, and a person who does not even know the basics of capital market and neither is his team equipped to provide adequate support to him in this regard, will likely make mistakes which could be terribly counterproductive to the SECP's mandate and set up for further litigation.
The letter said, it is also strange and unwarranted that an experienced joint director of MSW has been transferred to a department which is not commensurate with his experience and qualification.

It is pertinent to point out that the complainant has been named in different mega scandals and NAB has taken into investigation along with the former chairman Mr. Mohammad Ali who has been set aside by the SC under Const.P#59/2011 Arshad Tiwana Vs SECP and others.

The critics have analyzed that this development has been arisen when the acting Chairman came from UAE (not from Ummrah) and just recently when NAB has framed charges in the Accountability Court in the matter of OGRA case.

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