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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pakistan's Geo News becomes latest target in blasphemy accusation trend | World news |

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What you bow so shall you reap!

This is a lesson to those who beleive in blasphemy apart of their religion, region, scale or otherwise. No body could be spared who would blasphem to our repsected saints.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Imran Khan welcomes LHC decision on politicians’ foreign assets

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Must read these below articles:

The tussle between the two judges Mr Umer Atta Bandial Vs Khalid Mahmood Khan reaches to the point of no-reture!

ECP investigation: RO states Nawaz Sharif received 7,879 votes at polling station with only 1500 registered voters | Pakistan Today

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ECP and other law enforcement agencies managing election of May13 are
too responsible to hijack the overall system of trust. Now, if
investigation is completed, is ECP has the authority to cick-back the

Two days after being removed, Supreme Court reinstates Najam Sethi as PCB chairman | Sportskeeda

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The tussle between the two rivals; ISI Vs Geo and now between the two heads that lock horns with each other and becoming stage of shame to Pakistan.

What happens if PCB is disolved under the consitution. The chaos of unlimited event of changes in PCB would more harmful rather than the Taliban and other forces twisting Pakistan's peace and economy.

Neither Ashraf nor Sethi have real credentials to slot the unrest within the cricekt and, in the meanwhiel, both the past and present governments seem serious to amend the consititution of PCB for which Pakistan is facing socio-econo problems.

This theater must be closed right now!

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