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Thursday, January 05, 2012

What is purpose of new province(s)??

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What is the need of surplus provinces in Pakistan?

When across the board, no rule of law, poverty at its full length, education remained at its cave-aged, joblessness is ruling, law and order situation is worst, ill governence is  top agenda, utilities are not available, taxation not spread...

A useless debate.

All the political parties are in the run to accommodate their sons, daughters, kin & kiths. Nothing else to serve the nation!

So-called Pakistani Taliban Kills 15 Abducted Security Officers

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The so-called Pakistani Taliban has killed 15 paramilitary soldiers who were abducted late last month along the country's restive border with Afghanistan.

According to the official spokesman Ihsan Ullah , this is the reaction  of November 26th, when NATO attacked on Pakistani military check post at Salala when the paramilitri trops regular army of Pakistan has seiged with their 26 Talibans, therefore, we reqeuested to U.S army to get rid of this seig by Pakistani troops and NATO attacked under the instructions of U.S.

Contempt of Court by PPP?

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What benefits are required by the leaders of PPP from contempt of Court?
  • Personal fame?
  • Personal campaign?
  • Try to let public know about their knowledge of outspoken?
  • Try to flattering or show themselves more loyal to Zardari?
On the other hand, Aitizaz Ahsan has said that efforts being put up to provoke the Supreme Court of Pakistan are such efforts of a pre-planned stategy.

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