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Friday, December 20, 2013

Pervez Musharraf asks for forgiveness as treason trial looms in Pakistan - Telegraph

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Come on Mushi, what happened with you? You were used to show punches before the media and barely but bluntly spoke about "I am Commando  never ever scared!

Your pardon and forgiveness does not suit to you. Please be a brave and face the book being written by peers to be taught to you in future!!!

Get ready to escape after watching famous movie "the narrow escape"!

Govt files review petition in Supreme Court on homosexuality verdict | Business Line

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This is away of life of the large democratic country - INDIA.

In the early 70s, India win the world's heart by nuding its entertainment industry with half clothing (female film related actresses) now is worrying about homosexual activities within the country!

The "society" and the "civil government" is pondering as to why homosexuality be allowed so the tourists from around the globe may come to Incredible India and foreign exchange reserves could be increased as the energy crisis is increasing day by day.

The rapes, homosexuality, strange religious phenomena, the digital hype etc are the main characteristics of this country now being called a "Clown".

Zooming out to see Pakistan |

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The stoppage of US-Nato supplies by KPK is not the ultimate solution.

The U.S administration has passed a bill in which aid can be withdrawn if supply chain is disturbed.

The situation existing between both the countries is escalating over a petty matter. The US can take other roots to ship its surplus troops and mechanism having open financial budget and technology. The US has just stuck its head into bushes and wasting its time to appear before its nation as conqueror.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Former CJ Chaudhry seeks fail-safe security, bullet-proof vehicle -

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This is what one can say the VIP culture!

A bullet proof vehicle and many other fool proof security facilities being offered to the ex-CJP inreward of his actions taken as suo-moto for which the opposition has have results in May 13' elections.

The fool proof justice can not be provided to ordinary citizen of Pakistan who have more privileges rather than a CJP -ex! People from across the country wake up in the early morning to appear before the "competent court of law" and they were informed for new date of hearing as the judge is "ill".

This ailment has not been taken in sou-moto by the former CJP. The lower judiciary gets bribe in front of sitting judge, prosecutors and defense counsels for even a petty matter.

Hence no welfare of the nation in the courts have been done by Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Ch. CJP-ex.

Those hit by CJ Chaudhry now taking out their vengeance -

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The hale to former CJP by the specific media house to pay tribute to him for saving their vested interests like wage board award, litigation with rival, financial embezzlement in stocks with JSBL and money laundering cases being faced by the praising media group.

The present media houses have allocated itself the political sides, the security sides and the sides of  bureaucracy-cum-business tycoons.

The twisting media coin, all are facing the same cards near to their chest to win alone the game of no end. The anchor persons who are on behalf of their masters posing in such a way that has no finishing line and agenda. They are just working not for welfare to the state.

PPP opposed to interference in internal matters of BD -

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Pakistan Peoples Party has said that it was wrong for the National Assembly to pass a resolution condemning the punishment awarded to Abdul Quadir Molla by the Bangladesh Supreme Court. If we continued interfering in the internal affairs of Bangladesh, there can be no rapprochement with that country.

There are two sides of coin, one the above and second that has not been emphasized by both the ruling party and opposition.

What about the surrendering elements; the then political parties of East and West Pakistan or the field operatives of 1971 fall? Neither present government nor opposition parties especially PPP. This resolution passed in NA is just a eye-washed.

India has given sentence to death to Mollana Abul Qadir while the same penalty be given to our side?

Prosecutor says strip search of India diplomat 'standard'

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The cavity search of low-level diplomat carried out by U.S. authorities is meaningful.

However, the end result whatever may be, both the U.S. and India has naked before each other but also to all over the world.

The Indian security troops do the same in Indian-held Kashmir.


Putin 'envies' Obama: 'He can get away with it'

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The U.S. administration is fighting at two ends; Afridi in Pakistan and National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden,National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden who is currently on asylum in Russia.

This is astonishing that on one side U.S. puts pressure to release Afridi who believed to be a helpful person in catching OBL where on the other side the administration is continuously pressuring Russia to through out Snowden! What is coincidence and double standards?

Pakistani security forces say they killed 23 militants in tribal area -

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The major cut-off militancy by Pakistan Army. Congratulations!

If the militants do not wish to talks, no heed should be paid to their uncivilized agenda. They must be teach lessons from time to time till their zero presence.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

India makes its move, shifts Khobragade to UN mission - Hindustan Times

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The episode of flop drama by both the sides. Neither U.S.A nor India has respected human rights within their respective countries and outside as well.

As far as diplomatic immunity is concerned, both the countries have the same format to respect foreign diplomats, the history is evident.

So the roar is just no validity.

Nisar proposes to set up committee to investigate magnetic ink issue -

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 Yes, this Minister of Interior who like Imran Khan used to roaring each and every thing, says critics. And in the meanwhile, advised him "do not pull the rakes"!

India vows to bring diplomat home - World News | IOL News |

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Well done India - this time; the fold incredible India!

Who asked India to come more closer to super power when the credentials are so poor and dependable.

Pakistan doctor who helped find Osama bin Laden in legal tussle |

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Hence the matter is subjudiced with the court, so the re-trial orders be let taken place. Before starting comments, one important thing to be in mind that upon discovering Afridi's working for CIA under the umbrella of a vaccination center, more than dozen of volunteers have been killed by the terrorists in view of second example like Afridi.

The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denounced Afridi's treatment as unjust and unwarranted, readers and commentators should keep in mind that in the case, the U.S. administration is party to the war on terror. So her denunciation regarding Afridi's treatment is solicited to independent forum.

Moreover, Pakistan has reserves the rights to whom should be trialed and under what law be applicable to such accused. Third part criticism  is out of practice.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Court reserves judgment on Musharraf travel ban - Al Arabiya News

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The tweeted and re-tweeted general who caught himself by Tweeter and Facebook. Now he has been booked by face and tweeting a spider web!

The game is GHQ wishes to broad escape for himself but the commando likes to more tweet and face more books indeed!

ECP rebuffs Nisar’s remarks on magnetic ink | SAMAA TV

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Sheikh Rashid is absolutely right in his contention that whenever, PML-N gets heavy mandate, it is sinking.

The three major pillars of present government would give problems to Nawaz Shariff, one is Mr. Ishaq Dar, second is Chaudhry Nisar and third is Mr. Pervaiz Rahsid...but forth one is Mr. Ehsan from Narowal.

IHC reinstates PEMRA chairman, issues stay order against removal – The Express Tribune

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The same irregularity has been witness in the case of Abdul Rehman Qureshi, Adviser to the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan [SECP]. His continuously appointment is also the violation of the Supreme Court of Pakistan that bars in its verdict dated January 15, 2013. In the case of his appointment, neither advertisement was published for the recruitment nor the adherence of apex court orders were followed.

As to what circumstances, government is relying upon a person of matchless in all over the country to decide and advise the SECP?

Pak Army Defeated by Indian Media - The New Indian Express

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After all, the cat comes out of bag!

The Indian media has opened Pandora box of Pakistani media. The media that all the times show the battle of cattle. Never ever talked about the real and important issues. The old faces occupied media with their conventional ideas that people of Pakistan has rejected and switch to entertainment channels.

while on the other hand, Pakistan Army is seeking TV channel to counter Indian media. This strategy is also comment-able. A two star general has sought the necessity of its own TV channel which depicts the failure of defense the country in terms of strategic point of view and on ground. The desire of in-house media like cantonment pass to enter into the cantt area despite having national identity card issued by the government of Pakistan. Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, expelled premier; The State within a State!

While having atomic power, more than 800,000 personnel, cream of brain, state-of-the art arms technology, so what thing has put the army back to the door. With only a TV channel, goal can be achieved for which the people of Pakistan bear the cost of such a huge manpower!

By indulging Pakistan army into focus of media war, Pakistani media, no doubt played a strange role to populate Pakistan's better image in the global eyes. Aman ki Aasha, Zara Sochiay type of un-named social activities can never mask the better image of Pakistan. Talk shows of average commentators, race of rating, telecasting of immature and ruthless programs are the ingredients of our "childish media".

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