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Thursday, December 18, 2014

China is world's worst jailer of the press; global tally second worst on record - Committee to Protect Journalists

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China is #1  in all matters.

Nine Terrorists to Be Executed in Next Two Days | Pakistan Tribune

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The terrorists have killed more than 132 innocent childrens apart from 121 others givien serious wounds without loss of time, so why the awarding of death penalties are so late. Cut them in immediately before hidden partners of them raise an onther ocassion.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Peshawar school attack: 'We have sunk beneath barbarism' |

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Who asked you to get sunk beneath barbarism. Why did not sunb the Taliban? Why did feed them in past? And Why did you think to accommodate them? What wrogns with you?

“Enough” is Not enough for Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan

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Yes, enough is enough but why not early. Why to wait for and more massacre in past present and future. This the gross negligency by both now all past civil and military adminstration. No excuse(s) whatsoever. Apart of Taliban confession, who is or brave to accept the responsibility of all incidents.

The question is that why to refrain from taking action and what causes were and are to jerk head to take stern action? 

Everyone by saying with mourning faces-it happaned very bad! But by sould many of these found saying "Thank God, our children kept safe".

KashmirWatch - Latest News & In-depth Coverage on Kashmir Conflict

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This courtry is burden on the earth must be demolish at once.

Who are the Pakistani Taliban? -

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Paksitani Talibans are allied forces of the UNITED STATES OF ANTI MUSLIMS. Taliban are no more defined alike.

After Peshawar attack PM lifts moratorium on death penalty

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Black warrants will be issued within a day or two. This is the right
decision taken by the PM but late no worry. But worry to those who
facilitated obstructions before moratorium penalty.

Now, the
moratoriums may be done before the public at prominent public places so
the witnesses may observe as to how traits are given awards for their

Congrt. Prime Minister.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

kill to Taliban where ever find them!

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Highly shameful act by Taliban. They are burden on the earth must be
eliminated at once withou giving more time to take breathe. We expect
from our forces to move ahead with iron hand rather than to explore PRs
in the media for stories. The real time has begun to cut down their
heads, feet, hands. No more violation is needed. See and shoot them.

We want them to feel the real pain by downloading them on the dust. Do more to kill them NOW!

The Taliban should get change their gender and become eunuch for ever.

Demand for action against Imran growing: Pervaiz -

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Actually, IK has been promoted by the 3rd & 4th empires. IK,
basically is industrious and uncivilized though he is a foreign graduate
but education helped less to maintain his personality. He and those
found in the streets having no work to do are the same.

tourture by the PTI workers under IK proved that any body can do the
same with their mother, sister, daughter or even with any of their
female family members and anybody is more tha wecome!

Monday, December 15, 2014

google translate - Google Search

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Sorry Imran, your apology can not be accepted as you are used to beg it and turn down at the eleventh hour!

What earned you by doing so, the reputation, the media presence, the sympathy, the emiotions or what you even do not know.

accept you are a man of competence, loyal, patriot, courageous,
wealthy, healty but lack of wisdom. Go to the right platform i.e.
parliament where you can contribute more that on the roads by blocking
economy and basic necessities of a lay man.

Ayaz Sadiq challenges tribunal verdict in LHC – The Express Tribune

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If the decision by SC of Pakistan ware the same, so as to why the nation held in delay for known reasons. The time and money involved in the matter that did not fall within the jurisdiction of the SC does not need to be heard the case. It was ought of SC to remand the case to jurisdiction court of law instead of kept with it for long time for which the whole nation remained under pressure and the parties altogether.

The SC, for in future, make sure that if case is subjudice with any lower court, ask appellants to wait till the matter is decided by the lower court of law, if aggrieved  then come to superior courts.

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