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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Team off to Qatar for LNG import, Iran for IP pipeline

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After Saudi Arabia refusal to Pakistan with regards to provide crude oil on lease base, Pakistan has now marathon to get alternate energy from different sources like Iran and Qatar. Stern conditions are being faced to comply with the terms by Pakistan.

On the other hand, the U.S. administration has fully put its eyes on the transaction of IPGPL project for which it has switched over plan 2 instead to plan 1 i.e. to remain in Afghanistan after 2014 in which thousand of troops to be ordered to way back to home now only 10,000 of personnel would stay in Afghanistan till the deal is broken.

This is test time amongst Pakistan, Iran and Qatar that the deal of alternate energy is escorted. If Iran walks back, the energy crisis would remain in Pakistan and if the deal is not set to on with Qatar, LNG can not be imported.

However, steps in terms to mature the real deal are required to taken in letter and spirit. If the timely action is not taken means the whole home work goes to ashtray!

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