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Friday, November 22, 2013

Al Qaeda developing system to counter US drones | Pakistan Today | Latest news | Breaking news | Pakistan News | World news | Business | Sport and Multimedia

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The story published by The Washington Post has many questions to its credibility. The facts narrated in the story are not true as Pakistan has actually developed anti-drone technology that have capability to hit-back drone. The Paksitan's area in which Al-Qaeda has made its drone jammers did not identified by the US despite having unmatched hardware and software technology which depicts that the drone attacks carried out by the US administration in the territory of Pakistan is not trustworthy and the practice seems to be face saving exercise before the public of America!  Moreover, the government of Pakistan has disclosed that it has developed and established anti-drone wing that encounter drone attacks.

Deliberately, the WP has edited the facts and hide them that some technology was provided by the some CIA officials in Afghanistan to Al-Qaeda in barter with drugs for their vested interest.

Before, blaming Pakistan, the Americans must take bold steps against arms against drugs policy and identified and bring to justice such CIA elements who are involving and indulging in such business that not only heavy loss of dollars of the people of U.S.A but also damping the efforts to bring peace in Afghanistan through so-called war against terror.

Army rendered 'unmatched' sacrifices against terrorism: COAS - DAWN.COM

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The unparalleled sacrifices the in the fight against terror since 9/11, no doubt that Pak Army has shown its courage and devotion a neutral, while making such kind of statements, one should never forget that we are defensive since independence to date.

History tells us that the nations' defense had always rewarded with increase of geographically. Keeping in view, we did sacrifice a lot but since 1947 to now we could not forward even an inch. We have been deprived with water from our eastern borders and curtailed from western borders since.

Sacrifices does meant to remain beggar!.

Unreliable US does not want peace in Pakistan: Nisar - DAWN.COM

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Ok, fine. But is the plan; A, B, or C if US pull back its support from Pakistan in terms of socio-economic corner. The leaders are used to talk about like Nisar but unable to plan out for the nation could stand on its own feet.

There is indeed need of brain storming of the nation instead of open test fires. The education system, the economic system, the tax system and systems the really needed much overhauling.

Yes, the US has lost her trustworthiness, but what we have delivered to our mass. This is a game of "baba black sheep" that have always three bags full - one for the aid, one for the sake and one for the little interest that lives in the huge fake!

We have been invited to shoot dead through drone to whom...the real characters of terrorism or the rivals live within the FATA. It has been said to be believed that most of the killings were out of terrors killings but to kill their own vested lords who considered to be terrors.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

US drone strike kills senior Haqqani leader in Pakistan | Bangkok Post: news

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This been a first time that drone attack carried out within the Pakistan's Territorial area. Few days ago, district bannu was targeted.

The forces are advanced, they have achieved their goal by reaching KP province, the more advancement is under process when US drone attacks would carried out to the strategic sites of Pakistan defense. This is just promo of the uncensored forthcoming film of US. The same drama will be staged as on May 2 of 2012 episode when OBL was killed and taken away.

This theme or exercise was carried out in GHQ was put to target and Lahore when SriLankan cricket team was targeted. The evaluation was estimated and achieved in May 2 of OBL. The "Mission to reach Bomb" accurately done.

So the assure-ties, bondage, packages, deals etc are all eye wash. In 2014, 10,000 trops would be remained in Afghanistan means they do not walk for tourism, their presence would be to target our most worth assets.

Saudi Rage Over Syria Leaves Shiites Anxious About Reprisals - Bloomberg

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In all over the world, leaders, head of the states, chief executive of the countries, autocrats, theocrates and similar to them are playing their traitor role with the Islam. Almost all of them are the main cause to breach their oaths, break the peace of Islam and world. What Shia or Sunni, this is the war against Islam. Why non-muslim countries do not indulged in such kind of problems, only Muslim countries have been used as fuel to fulfill their goals.

Ticking bomb: Experts for awareness, political will to curb population growth – The Express Tribune

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What non-sense is this...the alive group of people rising the occasion to halt further population. The lame excuse is used like mother health, economic burden etc etc.

Please behave your-self -  why do not these small group waste themselves. When they came in the life their mother's must be at deteriorated and the economy went more down.

 Question: Why does this group not eradicate itself so as to many of health seekers may get benefits and the economy, on the other hand will be strengthen!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Strong evidence against Musharraf in treason case - The Times of India

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Evidence be strong or weak, nothing to be happened. The treason case against the dictator would be a duck's egg! The Pandora box would open and many gentlemen can easily be seen, but these gentlemen do want to come up because they have strong grip on Pakistan's domestic affairs.

Israel behind Beirut bombings; Iran -

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This is what the whole Islamic world is roaring. Nothing is new, the Israel not only indulged in middle east but also its vicious nose is being poked in the South Asian Countries like Pakistan. The Rawalpindi's recent case is evident.

No more drone strikes during Taliban talks, US assures Pakistan - DAWN.COM

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Mr. Sartaj Aziz, Special Advisor on Foreign Affairs to Pakistan has carrying the bag of hopes that US will not use drone to attacks on its former allies during the peace talk with Pakistan.

This assurance has been given by the tops of US administration. While on the other hand, what surety has been bonded by the advisor if talks are not successful in the lines of US action.

If talks are unsuccessful, the drone are allowed to attack else where in Pakistan including where drones are often used killing those who do not have any role in any game of so-called terrorism.

Further to above surety, talks to be held with TTP or Afghan Taliban, neither US nor Pakistani administration have given any clue whatsoever.

So, be ready, if peace is embedded with success, drone attacks would be continued or if the case is otherwise the drone line of action shall remain unchanged.

In 2014, expectations are very high that US and allied forces will quit safely with the help of drone because neither Pakistan wants to lose its bill of more than Billions nor Taliban wants to  withdraw their entity in both Pakistan & Afghanistan.

Nothing to prove.....

Monday, November 18, 2013

Six reasons why Misbahul Haq should not be blamed – The Express Tribune Blog

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6 Reasons or Article 6 of Treason?

You decide...

Pakistani TV channels fined for airing excessive Indian content | Business Standard

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No many private TV channels have no research contents, no heritage documentaries, no stuff to entertain the mass. What we can call this media as "underage media" or in Urdu language "Na baligh media".

Google and Microsoft agree software measures that will block child abuse images - Daily Record

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The delay in action, the delay in manners.

The media has now been awaken when the fire caught their own home town. Many youngsters of rich families are annoyed of their teenagers day to day sex-abusive activities.

Actually, such kind of activities were made to spoil civil society in Muslim countries, but they deadly captured in their own net.

Up to 12,000 Afghan Taliban eliminated in 2013: UN report - DAWN.COM

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The report about 12,000 Afghan Taliban eliminated in only 2013.

How can be certified these figures as no independent source of information is available.

Shocking video: Boeing’s nosedive in Kazan captured, as crash causes debated — RT News

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How the plane nosedived.

Deadly sectarian unrest hits Pakistan - Central & South Asia - Al Jazeera English

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The so-called battle between Sunni and Shia declared by the Western media seems to be game of evacuation of US and ISAF forces. Moreover, the Karachi operation helps such kind of violation that unstable Pakistan, day by day.

Sectarian violence spreads in Pakistan after days of unrest | Reuters

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The shocking violence erupted in Rawalpindi-Pakistan on 15th Nov 13.

The bounce back of forces who are gathering against the country, an analyst say. He further added that it can be an responsive episode of Mumbai attacks.

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