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Saturday, December 24, 2011


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A State within a state?

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This was the wording of dear Prime Minister at the floor of the house just day before yesterday.

Let see the example of "a state within a state":
  • The honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan during hearing a case passed an order to the concerned authorities to submit voters list (upto date) on or before 23rd of Fab 2012. On the other hand, beloved federal minister of interior, Mr. Rehman Malik called an emergent meeting of M.O.I's officials and directed to the quarter concern for submission of voters list before 2013. What a co-incidence of a state within a state!
  • The most sweet prime minister copy paste the same memo allegations against the Pakistan Army that proves the PPP lead government is involved in writing, drafting and sending the memo to their masters!
  • The Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan has rolled out any coup, while on the next day, PM appreciated the statement of C.O.A.S Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiyani --- the conspiracy is being launched just before the incident of May 2, 2011 of OBL episode.

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