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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ice Storm Leaves 500K Shivering Without Power Across Southeast

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The rage of nature that does not seems to be haulted.

The U.S. like country is facing sever ice strom attack that paralize life. The country having vast technology, finance and many of backups of energy could not block the facing ice.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Musharraf Should Be Tried in Military Court: Lawyers

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The high treason case against Musharraf is being carried out in a civil court of law under the formaion of special court as provided by the constitution of Pakistan.

The question is this the action taken by the then COAS was against the civil and judicial authorities not against the institution within, so how he could be tried in military court as Army Act, 1952 has been repealed since long.

Germany warns Switzerland over immigration curb vote | The Australian

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SWITZERLAND'S knife-edge decision to curb immigration from the
EU raises major problems, heavyweight Germany has warned, as Swiss
authorities moved to limit the damage to ties with the 28-nation bloc.

The formation of EU is un-natural as many of union's state have different mode of governence. The powerful states depends on low-powered states' labor while the benefits of income by average states are growing rapidally.

The recent tussle between the Switzerland and rest of the EU states are backed by the U.S.

China, Taiwan agree to open offices after historic talks -

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Despite the close economic ties, U.S.-armed and backed Taiwan remains a potential flashpoint and its recovery is a priority for China's Communist Party, which is investing billions to modernise its military.

The globalization is changing super power into lone state gradually. The think tanks working on a sustainable power to U.S. but in recent past, it has been observed the policies owned and run by the U.S. authorities are squezing abnormaly.

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