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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Army chief visits ISI headquarters – The Express Tribune

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The situateion is embarrassing for each quarter to mark themselves
"importan". No doubt our Army is most important than any other state
organ, but there is need to redress the dignity of all state functions.
No institution can be most respective alone. This is a team roll, the
constitution, the parliament and the executive have also the same
respect and dignity that has have else one. This is the time to show
full unity not to demonstrate who is first and who is second or third.
If the nations is not behind the state organs, no one can claim the
dignatory or winner or even respectful in the eyes of mass. Fist of all,
to win the heart and soul of the nation rest of all are secondary
decorum. If Army sacrifies the nation too interms of exhorbitance,
energy shortage, huge taxes, low income high payments, facing bravely
uncivilized culture, corruption, nepotizm, terroism, draught so many
things that this nation solely bear the grapes that are still sore!

The time is running out, do not pull the rakes, do not poke nose into others affairs, should mind owns business.

Media should also show consolidation with our brave Army that no other country do have. Due respect must be endorsed and avoid such kind of unfritful blames. In Punjab language phrase " Moan ooper kar kay thooko gey apney ooper hei greiy ga.....Apna tid apay hi nanga nei karna chahida aay"

US envoy airs concern over safety of...

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April 8, 2014 is the starting of boiling point of tussle between the two very segmnet of society; The Media and the Armed Forces, when American Ambassador Richard Olson express alarm at these continued ...the game start over and by the passing of time, number of players increased gradually and situation worsening reached to the boiling point.

But in the meanwhile, Indian media cooked different disches against Pakistan and raised the ocassion as it has already done in past.

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