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Monday, December 09, 2013

Hagel in Pakistan, hoping to sooth troubled relationship | Fox News

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No matter what Hagel brought with himself - the refund of sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan OR re-reimbursement the cost of damages borne by Pakistan since 9/11.

As far as, drone attacks are concerned, no change seems to be taken place in near future or far future. Though Pakistan is considering to intercept drones within the airway but is too late as the U.S. has camouflage drone by latest anti-piartiy software and hardware. But if unfortunately, any drone comes within the range of Pak anti-air craft range, a new dispute can be emerged that has no end till the war decision.

To avoid with such a situation, Hagel comes in, although the meeting agenda is one-point for the media and republics but the case is otherwise to refrain Pakistan from step ahead. The Pentagon has set parameters to cope with the situation therefore, it is compelled to keep its 10,000 troops in Afghanistan after 2014.

The situation is worst ever since 9/11, the ball is in the court of USA to decide what should to do keeping in view of alarming situation.

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