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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Saudi Arabia officially rejects UN Security Council seat |

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After Syria conflict, Saudi Arabia has a great set back when USA and West refused to take stern action against Syria. The destroy of chemicals by Syria jeopardize the whole game of middle east and its related politics. The Russia played a pivotal role in conclusion of conflict. Now, the Saudi Arab has been isolated from the scene and World as well. Moreover, its dubious relations with Israel  has also in connection with Iran hits another punch to UKSA when Israel showed reluctance to attack Iran.

The oil-based-war turning its face to Saudi Arab, riots in the country also damaging its sovereignty, the back bounce of women driving prohibition also deface the country.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pak rulers, politicians are US slaves: TTP - PakTribune

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The of rulers of Pakistan are slaves to America...


The rulers of TTP are salves to whom?
  • India?
  • Drug customers?
  • Smugglers?
  • Kidnappers?
  • Extortionists?
  • Murderers?
  • Their cheap vested interests?
  • Their hunger to be king of all?
  • Their thrust of unfinished glass?

Nothing in the hands of them!

Those killed in fight against terrorism are martyrs: PM

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The term "those" used by the premier of Pakistan needs to be clarified to the people of Pakistan.

Who are "those" and who are not?

Once again, loophole in the statements by the troika in recent past left ambiguity in the circles of analysts and critics!

Slain Haqqani leader lived near Pak capital for years: Reports - Indian Express

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Nasirudding Haqqani killing in the capital city of Pakistan left many questions to whom it may concern or not.

But one question to be answered as to why and in which circumstances Nasirudding Haqqani slain? Hakeem Ullah Mahsood before Nasirudding Haqqani's assassination leads towards India who is playing playcard next to her chest on behalf of US in fear of Kashmir. Both India and US are playing with fire and dish would be served in Pakistan - Why?

Ties with the US: Islamabad unlikely to rock the boat – The Express Tribune

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Ties of both the countries shall remain in dark till the bye-bye of US and its allied forces from Afghanistan. However, Pakistan should remain intact with US to get is bill worth $120B from US as occurred in the so-called war against terror.

Secondly, Pakistan needs help in economic areas that have never been addressed by China, S.Arabia, UAE, Turkey or other "fair weather friends"!

Controversial remarks: Army demands apology from Munawar Hassan – The Express Tribune

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What we can imagine about the remarks (Controversial or otherwise) of JI's chief, past has been spoken when JI together with Af. Taliban and Pak Army fought with one platform against USSR. So, in the lines of one-page format of troika, the "martyrdom" of Hakeem Ullal Mahsood will remain in debate for long long time in the history of Pakistan.

It is obvious that neither PA nor JI has the authority to certify who may or may not martyrdom. So, be in limits while making such kind of statements. Both PA and JI shows their irresponsible attitude.

With peace talks ‘droned’ out, Nawaz visits GHQ – The Express Tribune

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ISPR statement not an interference in politics: Pervaiz Rasheed – The Express Tribune

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Yes it is, well, this kind of remarks by the official spokesman to the present government. It seems to be flattering to quarter concern. If so, it is not interference in means the statement issued with the approval and by the pleasure of CEO of the IRoPk and the CoAs.

PML-N has the history in past, present and may be in future too, to play with horn, firstly it adopts, refute and again have a cup of tea in a golf course!

Monday, November 11, 2013


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If Mush's wrong decision was not obeyed the situation of "tit for tat" may not arisen.

“The people of Pakistan, whose loved ones laid down their lives while fighting the terrorists, and families of shuhada of armed forces demand an unconditional apology from Syed Munawar Hassan for hurting their feelings”.

Who is martyrdom and who is not, we should respect by all means, the Pakistan Army has a great significance and its soldiers paid a great tribute to the state. Neither a question should be asked nor the answer should be rough.

Army lambasts JI chief for calling terrorists ‘martyrs’

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In a rare but furious reaction, Pakistan Army on Sunday lambasted head of a religious party for declaring terrorists killed in the war against terror ‘martyrs’ but denying the honorific for army soldiers killed in battle with the Taliban.

In a strongly worded statement, the ISPR asked Munawar Hassan to clear the position of his party on the issue. Families of martyred army personnel and people who lost their loved ones in the terrorist attacks demand Jamaat-e-Islamai chief to tender an ‘unconditional apology’, it said.

This "office order" issued with the approval and pleasure of COAS!

Pakistan army asks Jamaat chief to apologise for terming dead TTP chief as ‘martyr’; Hassan sticks by remarks

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In a very significant development, Pakistan army has taken asked country’s religious party Jamaat-e-Islami chief Syed Munawar Hassan to apologies for labeling dead Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief and country’s Most Wanted Terrorist Hakeemullah Meshud as ‘martyr’ and termed his statement as insult for those killed in terrorist attacks in the country.

It has been considered in past (pre-Musharraf regime or when Qazi Hussain Ahmad was Ameer of JI) that Jamat-e-Islami is an unofficial spokes person to Pakistan Army as and when PA needed to clarify its position(s) with regards to the matters purely subject to the civil matters, JI ware used.

Now, by the statement of JI's chief, the pictures curled. Analysts say that it is an effort to confuse the situation of per-evacuvation of US and allied forces from Afghanistan. As US administration ask gov of Pakistan to "do more" to re-set its troops from eastern borders to western site. Pakistan, has got an idea to play game with India in Azad Kashmir with a "ping-pong" game started at night and end prior to dawn with old guns that need refreshments. If, now US asks to do more, Pakistan simply point out to its eastern borders the situation is currently going on.

Sindh Assembly passes resolution against Munawar’s remarks -

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The Sindh Assembly on Monday passed a resolution condemning Jamat-i-Islami (JI) Ameer Munawar Hassan’s remarks.

The resolution was presented in the provincial assembly by PPP, MQM, PML-N and PML-Functional. Assembly members called on Hassan to tender an unconditional apology to the nation.

What really resolution passed by the Sindh Assembly. In fact, it seems to be number game to get space in the heart of PA as local bodies elections are in line. If JI is out of the game, major political parties except PML-N would easily set target to win the LBe.

But what would be happened if the blame game rests for long. Critics say that in the run of certification of martyrdom(s) for heaven or hell, the stage of politics could be endangered.

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