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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Ishaq Dar calls on PM Nawaz -

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Ishaq Dar said that the government is paying Rs. 167 billions subsidy to protect the domestic users, at the present.

First of all, ID-FM belongs to accountancy group while he has been given task of finance management of the country. Obviously, gap between book keeping and management/arrangements of finance is quite different jobs.

Secondly, as to why Kalabagh Dam is not being constructed while election 13 given full mandate and right to PML-N to do what deem fit for Pakistan. This is the right time to enact in the right direction when campaign against terrorism is its on peak, simply make it right now!

Thirdly,  the portfolio of ministers (specially finance minister) are required to be changed as many of them do not know how the requirement of their respective jobs. So please be patient in allocation of portfolios while making decisions to appoint in the name of fun or obliging to unskilled political persons.

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