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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

U.S. habitual to betray his alleys!

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Unfortunately, America has also despicable record of betraying its friends. In fact, Pakistan has seen many American betrayals, embargoes and sanctions, and every time the US achieved its objective, it ditched Pakistan. During 1965 war, the US stopped its military aid to Pakistan. Yet Pakistan became a frontline state when Soviets occupied Afghanistan in late 1970s. After Soviet forces had withdrawn from Afghanistan with the full support and cooperation of Pakistan, the US slammed sanctions under Pressler Amendment. After 9/11, Pakistan joined the war on terror, and has lost more than thirty five thousand people and 4500 security personnel.

THANK YOU Adm. Michael Glenn Mullen!

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Thank you very much for extraordinary service to Pakistan. Thank you very much for your soft corner to Pakistan. Thank you very much for resistance of CIA and Homeland Security for stopping aggression against Pakistan....Thank your very very much for engaging them in Afghanistan.

Putin return worring U.S.

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Putin's return may keep the former Soviet intelligence agent in power through 2024, making him the country's longest-serving leader since Joseph Stalin.
But what the worries of U.S. started...Yes, because the Putin's-in will make America more in trouble.

China wants to induct Putin as president of Russia in the forthcoming election, the U.S 30,000 troops would have to be withdrawn in due course of time. By doing so, the position of U.S in the region will be weakening and this approach would be translated into America's ousted.

The bettle between the U.S and Russia through head of intelligence agencies i.e. K.G.B. and CIA shall take a new horizon and by which Pakistan may suffer though it had expelled USSR from Afghanistan in 80's.

While India is seeing the whole scenario as a new chance would emerge for its long period standing in Afghanistan.

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