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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Putin now ‘world’s most powerful person’ - World News | IOL News |

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This is an interesting move by U.S.A that it is going to empower its old rival. In this exercise, USA wants to pull out itself from the pressure what it faced in Middle East and Afghanistan. Russian President Vladimir Putin's nomination through Forbes like a gesture that application for cooperation is made.

Iran 'Likely' To Abandon Pakistan Gas Project

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There was no need of such project where partners do not trust in each other. Moreover, Iran has never ever a trustworthy friend of Pakistan. In past, Iran did support Pakistan over Kashmir issue, it has always support to India. So if the IPGP remains unsuccessful, we should thank to God who protect Pakistan from such a disastrous and full of loss project.

We should welcome the projects that can make Pakistan more powerful.

Karachi case: SC rejects report on arms and drugs smuggling | PAKISTAN -

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All the paramilitary forces including Rangers, Coast Guard, Pakistan Maritime Agency and Police be overhauled. Specially Pakistan Rangers may be throw out after conclusion of Karachi Operation. After that CG, PMA and at the end, the police be re-recruited and there should be no old folks be remained even from constable to IG so the corruption virus be removed permanently.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Karachi judge issues arrest warrants for Zaid Hamid, Mubashir Lucman -

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The bull fighting!

A clarification - Hindustan Times

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A clarification needs to be more clarified in terms of "Aman ki Aasha"!

Mubashir Luqman exposes Geo Network’s involvement in India’s anti -ISI, -BOL TV campaign | The News Tribe

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Mubashir Luqman exposes Geo Network’s involvement in India’s anti -ISI, -BOL TV campaign | The News Tribe

Monday, October 28, 2013

How a 'tycoon' held financial system hostage! | Business Recorder

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SECP's officials are also the stakeholder in 'bulls and bears' trend running till now. The information received from the companies announcing dividends, bonus and rights can easily be bought from top to bottom.

It is interestingly spread all over the stock marketing within a minute or two.
The Advisor (A,R, Qureshi) to SECP who is said to be believed is a main culprit, he, with his vast experience and manipulation techniques and well aware of highly sensitive record of the companies can turn the game to his corridors so that billion of rupees can be made like 'minute mind'. All beneficiaries took their pie and share with him!

Ogra reference: an uphill task for NAB chief - DAWN.COM

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Ogra scandal is a test case of current regime. Many big fishes including the former SECP chairman and sitting Commissioner SMD have the strong contacts with the international 'stock mafia'!

SECP tells cos not to appoint non qualified auditors

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In Punjab language; an adij is well spoken that "Malla da Huka Sukka": means the boat driver's traditional smoking pipe remains unwatered. The SECP's officials are also not capable to read the balance sheets, profit and loss accounts together with Auditors' and Directors' report submitted by the companies (Public unlisted, Public listed and private companies registered under the Companies Ordinance, 1984)!

So how the SECP can direct the companies for due-diligence while appointing auditors. Moreover, by this stupid move, many public auditors firms who are not the member of ICP can justify. This move seems to be domination of CA firms. It also seems to be nepotism.

Nawaz Sharif to attend crucial meeting on Afghanistan in London - The Times of India

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The landmark initiative is going to take place. The U.S and its allied are very keen to hear soon a well responded and easy acquittal from Afghanistan. The line of action would be drawn.

US denies Barack Obama was aware of spying on Angela Merkel |

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What a co-incidence. A President of Super Power was unaware of the matter directly goes under his nose!

Asfandyar, Afrasiab struck $35million deal with US, Hoti claims – The Express Tribune

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All these are deal makers. If no money or share received by him he become deal broker!

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