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Friday, August 22, 2014

Pak court order to file murder case against Sharif challenged | The Indian Express

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The 17th incident took place at Model Town, Lahore that led to FIR registration against the leadership of PML-N. Only four police official have been sent to judicial custody while the police commanders including CCPO, DIG operations and DIG headquarters are still enjoying the tutyfruity.

has been learnt from a source that could not be confirmed that if Umer
Ata Bandial were a LHC Chief, such FIR could not be registered as the
present Chief of LHC has different school of thought.

all the effects given by the ruling party in the province of Punjab
seems to be Hamza Shahbaz may be main accused to swiftly take the corner
if empror of Punjab as Marray Nawaz is also hot candidate of royalship.

Whatever may be tied, FIR should be go ahead as democracy needs and the right to every citizen must be provided.

Pak court order to file murder case against Sharif challenged | The Indian Express

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The PPP-P is just showing its political values in the sense of current
prevailing situation as it has nothing to do except to sit in the drama
hall as a spectator. The prompt arrival of Zardari has clearly showed
that the PPP-P wants to get CM-ship of KP if no confidence motion is adopted unanimously or un-unanimously.

the hunting of possible army intervention in the affairs of government,
Supreme Court of Pakistan has already accepted a pitition to block the
ways of such kind of intervention by any third party. Rehman Malik juicy
advice to PML-N and PTI/PAT to give ears to ISPR what its says, it
should be in mind that if such kind of observations are passed within
the corridors of parliament, such kind of intervention is contrary to
the Constitution of Pakistan and te oath taken by the armymen. There is
nothing mentioned but to defence Pakistan. The possible intervention
would be taken into "misconduct of essential service" laws and
regulations and may attract penel provisoins under article 6 of the
Consitution of Pakistan to actors and demanders as well. The same has
been mentioned by the PML-Q leadership. The PPP-P school of thought is
contrary to the version of Malik and Chaudhrys. Such type of mean
practices has already weakened Pakistan in past and present.

So behave yourself!

Islamabad sit-in updates: PTI submits resignations to NA – The Express Tribune

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PTI's resignations from NA would make no difference at all to the ruling party PML-N while the re-election within the vacated constituencies of PTI elected seats would make PML-N more strengthen. The resignations  of PTI would be a second
mistake and in second round of political war, PTI would have to lose KP
government as no confidence motion has already been submitted with the
KP assembly.

The PPP-P promptly called back to Zardari to basket
the fruit of KP as PML-N slides more to JUI-F to accommodate in KP
instead of any other parties like JI, PPP-P etc.

Will remain within limits of Constitution: Imran Khan, Qadri tell Pakistan SC - Firstpost

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It is pertienent to point out that in Consititution of Pakistan, there is nothing mention that a person or association of persons may gather to protest in or around the places of public or public offices.

The assurance submitted by the two PTI & PAT that nothing would be wrong and protest shall be under the law.

The Consitituion of Pakistan though gives right under article 199 but the gathering or march has been turned into a violation that created mess in the life of other people who are the part of this agitation.

So the assurance is out of law and it is ought of the two to vacate the ways of public so that their lives become normal.

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