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Saturday, April 28, 2012

32 seconds Punishment and the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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Why a leniency of 30 seconds? This question has been asked by the world leading news and editorial section heads and almost 180 million people of Pakistan.

This times, one again, the theory of necessity has used in the case of infamous contempt court against the PM of Pakistan. Many ask to the superior court as to why and how the court played with the sentiments and exchequer when such a short term punishment awarded to accused. In what circumstances, court has received pressure from any quarter of within the Pakistan or International. Some also expressed their concerns that the sitting judges are either incompetent, under-knowledge, gratified or has compromised with the establishment (civil or milly).

Some terms this kind of strange sentence of 32 seconds to provide with opportunities to those who has been thinking to contempt to court in their life. Now, you can come to court room, abused the court, and get 33 seconds contempt of court punishment.

This type of justice would never bring Pakistan upto expectations.

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