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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Canada’s visa system is drowning in red tape | Toronto Star

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We being a Pakistani blames our system working for red tape. But after reading this story, it can easily be understood that the nations claim themselves running with the time pace is altogether lie!

It is not only the case of Canadian visa services, the same may be experienced in U.S and even in Bangladesh like countries.

In United States, if an applicant carries bonafide intention and documents to travel to U.S, it is not necessary that will be endorsed visa. No matter what bank balance, payment of taxes and other expenses are the assets and liabilities the applicant has, refused by the visa officer with no relevant observations.

It has been observed that issuance and refusal of visa solely depends on the mood or attitude of the visa officer. If the visa officer is fresh you are granted visa or otherwise he would put you in problem. And if you have been endorsed visa, flyover to you destination, arrived at boarder, same kind of mood or attitude problem you may face while "entry clearance officer" has the power to deport you though you have visa on your passport.

In sum up, these visa officer has become "hardliners" or in easy words they are Catholics!

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