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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Altaf Hussain’s life under serious threat, MQM says.

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On the one side he is, while the other side is silent about his life
that Altaf Hussain has been enjoying since long as autocrat to a
hijacked party formerly known as "Mohajir Qaumi Movement".

Gen. Zia era of rule, there have been two segments got popularity; first
himself and secondly Taliban the then known as "Mujahaideens". These
2Ms given Pakistan a bad name in due course of time. The 1stM  shacked
the country with its separation movement from Pakistan all the times
while the 2nd M twisted and challenged the supreme authority of
Constitution of Pakistan.

It is he; the Altaf Hussain, used to
carry his one-point agenda put the nation in jeopardize. Now, if his
life is under danger as he claimed is just because of his autocratic
attitude within the party and overall. He is living the country where he
stakes million of launded money, according to the ongoing
investigations by Scotland Yard police.

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