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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2011: New low for US-Pakistan relations

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2014: New low for US-Pakistan relations once again at the stage of no-return point. In this year when US led forces would quit by un-saving Pakistan as in 1979 under Regan regime, the ties between both the countries surge once again.

It is said to be believed that after quitting US and allied forces, Pakistan shall once again become hub of crisis that not only prevail and effect South Asia's politics but also to whole of the world.

It is also believed that when ever, US foreign policy fails towards objective progression, the holly war against Muslims begins.The grey mind of US foreign policy re-activate like computer virus. Though Americans has good enough technology but due to their early thrust nature, it falls down. The Republican's ever strive to saving California and the Democrats rush to swallow resources of the state of California has always been put to US in problem.

The main attitude of US mentality towards positive approach remain unchanged since its independence.

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