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Thursday, January 30, 2014

41 brands selling contaminated bottled water; NA informed

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It is how much unfortunate that in Pakistan alone, 41 water brands found contaminated thus.

The PCSIR in collaboration with Pakistan Council for
Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) tested samples collected in April-June 13.

It has a symbol status now a days especially in rich families or out class bureaucrats that are freely used such kind of water called "Mineral Water". 

Many "mumy-dady" families though some of them are highly educated, well mannered in social society, are using water contaminated with chemicals which is not only unsafe but also injurious to health. It is surprisingly increasing day by day, in the vicinity of average areas, every third house out of fifth became "mineral water factory".

It is also worry-able that not only the local brands are indulged in this business but also the international brands are actively shareholders to make money. The international brands release business orders to low level manufacturers who are growing like a mushroom!

It is moral duty of the companies, local/provincial and national authority to eradicate such kind inhuman practices.

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