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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

No sign of breakthrough as fifth round of PTI-govt talks ends - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

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If Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadari may be asked to step down as Chairman of PTI  and PAT, respectively, to make equation in respect of demanding quiting Nawaz Sharif being the C.E. of the Country...the deadlock may be unlocked helping peace process that is still presist.The answere of IK & TUQ would certainaly be NO!

This NO has created many hurdles, deadlock and confrontation amongst the threes. The NS has been elected by the parliament built by the national voters while earlier two has been elected by their parties respectively and volume of electors are short. On the other hand, if it is asked to IK or TUQ to provide solution both consitutionally or otherwise to this unfortunate problem, definitely no one of them could provide!

Both the PTI & PAT shuffles their play cards day by day, time and again which clearly depicts that no pre-set agenda has been designed except to de-rail the "jesi tesi jamhoriat". Their galas are different what they speak before the protest contributors both present by physically or proxies.

One more interesting thing to observe, both climbing parties (PTI & PAT) have been beseiged with their un-agenda propagation protests and looking at each other who goes home first - PTI or PAT! The tension between the ruling protestors at consitution avenue and the ruling party PML-N emphasising on constitution of Pakistan who can survive till last. Obviously, the government is sitting at their home and the climbers came from across the country having nothing with them even lasting to by cup of tea.

If some days to go with the same situation, an adij in Punjab language " Mudai sust tey gawa chust" like situation shall be arised between the workers/protestors of both the PTI & PAT. The chief of both the parties would blame to their contributors; if you were stay at last - we have had resignation of go to hell and no New Pakistan may be created!!!

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