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Monday, August 25, 2014

IK TUQ aur sahi - the comedy film is its boom

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 The illusion or disillusions, the time and again but frequent changing of demands of IK through the platform of PTI making followers, voters and the people across from all walks of life boring, instigating or even hand to mouth, this is one side and; on the side captured by TUQ, both are playing with the fate of mass including tax and zakat payers or non-payers. On the third side of the coin; the verticle - the government from foot to head leaving no stone unturned to put the interest of Pakistan in the hands of those whose hands are not enough to grab the power. that is now-a-days available in the streets. Making Islalamabad a "Capital Toilet", a beauty of human error, skying high hills giving eye capturing scene, the adour that even animals or birds can never ever smelled the their lives. But the row is continuing to endless. This is top-end story of what other than rulers and its allies, friendly opposition or to do not know....

The culture of civilization is interestingly depicting on the walls of parliament lodges, on the front side of red zone or even besides where the most of the ministers are lived together with but not nearest to diplomatic enclave. The nature pours its beauty with heavy rain, countable grass that can be little long of a tree, the flith, garbage, remnants of food making "New Pakistan". Wonderful opportunity to earn billions or trillion dollars from foreign tourist...c ome and see how well we are indeed. The international garbage collector companies who may invest to install re-cycling projects, may jobs, new avenue of bi-leteral relationship would be developed and encouraged by the stake holders...

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