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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lodging FIR Model Town tragedy positive development: Opp leader

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Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri, Chief of Pakistan Awami Part (PAT) has once again
showed his kinship with PML-N by steping down his demands and asked
workers to go back home.

Opposition parties, especially PPP-P,
JI, JUF(I) and other regional politicial and religious parties  have
played a significant role to put "third party" in to wait.

fresh row between the present government and establishment, it will have
to change its teeth to bite the civil powers in next future to show its
strength within the power corridors at constitution avenue.

registration of FIR would have nothing except to stain on PML-N, as PAT,
in defence has nothing to prove that 17 people death and 86 injured
with the orders of accused named in the FIR.

As the time goes on,
the stance of PAT would spoil the efforts of PTI and IK has ask its
supporters to also go back home and all the blame would be spell on PAT;
if you stood the game might be won.

Now, it is time for PML-N to re-visit its poliicies towards keeping its friends within the circle and how much the friends of it be reciprocated.

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