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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lahore: Gullu Butt arrested for rampage

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There are almost many Gullu Butts within the police department. It would not be astonishing if the police name is changed to Gullu Butt. From ordinary constable to SP to CCPO and IG, are all from GB. None of them are public servent, they are mafia, hiting hard to anyone who comes forward before them. These forgot that they are being paid salaries from Zakat Fund or from the tax paid by the citizens.

Incident of Model Town frames a new charge sheet agsint the who police. No doubt TuQ's address to before the incident took place fueled up the tension, and he equally guilty to enrage the public for his vested interests.

It seems that the PML-N is going to be split within close up of electoral regime started from May 11 of 14y. The new name of emerging PML-N would be PMN-H (Hamza), the Hamza has been named in every second incident took place in Lahore. Wether its from Badami Bagh or Model Town or elsewhare. Critics say that Mian Shahbaz Sharif is being black mailed by his elder son Hamza. The critics gave justification in view of above that on onc side, Marryam Nawaz is in the race through loan scheme and on the other hand Hamza is locking horn with her.

Shahbaz Sharif may be involved in terms of NW operation Azub which is being successfully carried out the Pak Army with the help of Air Force and Navy. But this terminolgy is out of understanding but that SS always provide shelters of banned religious parties and he cannot eye wash to the Army if did so at present and or in past.

In video of some private TV channels shown that SP Tariq Aziz of Model Town giving "Thapki" to Gullu Butt for rampaging clearly depicting the petty behaviour of cirminals backwall. Tariq Aziz is from PPS (Pakistan Police Service) a competitve career job humilating the justice.

Now, it is proposed that a new police may be established under the training of Pakistan Army. From constable to IG and Switzerland Police School of Thought may be introduce "No Police - No Crime" regime.

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