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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Death of a Woman ‹ Newsweek Pakistan

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Fifty years ago, on March 13, 1964, a young woman by the name of Kitty Genovese was attacked and killed in New York City. The New York Times reported that, “For more than half an hour, 38 respectable, law-abiding citizens in Queens watched a killer stalk and stab a woman in three separate attacks.” The Genovese murder touched a raw nerve in America’s conscience. For decades thereafter, it has been used as a symbol of all that was wrong with city life and the anonymity of urban existence.

The entire responsibility was no doubt over the Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, Lahore who is supervisor to the court and its premises. Upon going to his home town Sargodha, G.T.Road is escorted by "Elite Police" till he reahced out at home.

Critics objection and found saying the UAB is busy like a bee in saving Sharif Brothers' in Ittefaq Foundries cases in C.O.S No.63,64 & 65/1998 for which he is unable to perform his duties well. Since the cases are not being handled well by UAB, he is being sent to Supreme Court of Pakistan till his retirement by PML-N sharifs!

But what happened and as to why the pregnant women has been stone to death by her father and brother in the name of honor? How the killers were encouraged-no doubt their lawyers taught them the way to dismiss the life of an innocent women.

The shame game beguns all around the world and the solely responsible to this unfortunate incident is Mr. UAB, Chief Justice of Lahore Hight Court, Lahore.

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