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Thursday, August 22, 2013

LoC: Indian out of line of control! Obsession of War at Pakistan

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Nations evolve with time. And so has Pakistan, at least militarily. The Indian media makes hay without considering the actual mighty! Look at here for amazing comments:

Expecting that Indian forces would yet again easily defeat Pakistani military in a conventional war, like it did four times in the past, is an argument not grounded in current realities.

History clearly has not favoured Pakistan in terms of military strength vis-à-vis India, last time showcased in brief mountainous conflict in Kargil when Indian armed forces successfully drove out the Pakistan Army-backed extremist intruders . And so one would expect Pakistani forces to be relatively less belligerent on border. Also, by now the psychology of its army bosses should have become 'humble', with realisation that fighting a country almost four times your size, and many times richer and powerful than you is not easy.

On the contrary, from debatably using terror groups to advance its anti-India state policy to surge in ceasefire violations, the sub-continental neighbor has only got bolder.

Though it is true that India’s unrelenting stand on Kashmir combined with Pakistan’s adamancy is a contentious issue and according to some, the fountainhead of troubles in bilateral relationship, but still India appreciably has refrained from covertly sponsoring state-backed extremists, unlike Pakistan.

Not only terror, many provoking incidents by Pakistan Army along the LoC have meant that air of suspicion continues to plague relations.

Be it in January, when Pakistan Army decapitated an Indian soldier and killed another, or the latest ambush by a group of mujahideens and Pakistan Army on patrolling party of 21 Bihar regiment resulting in death of five Indian troops, Pakistan seems to be not afraid of another war.

Worryingly for India, since Nawaz Sharif assumed the leadership, the audacity of our neighbour has increased by leaps and bounds. Statistics reveal that over a dozen ceasefire violations from Pakistani Army happened last month, and over six infiltration attempts happened during the same time. At least seventeen alleged infiltrators, supposedly extremist fighters, were shot dead duing these incursion attempts.

A host of factors, if scrutinized, show that Pakistan has better chances of weighing heavily on Indian forces, if war takes place today. We try to present few of these:

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