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Thursday, August 22, 2013

LoC: Indian out of line of control! - i-NFC

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Pakistan's Air Force 'ready' for war against India~NFC (i-Non Favorite country)

Taking cue of the severed diplomatic ties between India and Pakistan after the unprovoked attack on Indian soldiers, Pakistan Air Chief Marshall Tahir Rafiq Butt has asked the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) to be prepared for a "two-front" situation. Tahir Rafiq Butt stressed on the situation because of its involvement in anti-terror operations and its historic adversarial role with neighbor India.

In an interview given to Jane's Defence Weekly, Butt commented that PAF was prepared for any adverse situation. While participating in anti-terror campaigns, the PAF learnt "on the job quickly and (was) efficiently supporting our ground troops in all their operations against militants", he said in an interview with Jane's Defence Weekly.

Butt said the PAF is set to attain the capability of carrying out aerial refuelling of its frontline JF-17 Thunder jets by the end of this summer.

"The ground tests have been very successful and I am satisfied. The (mid air refuelling test) will be done successfully by end of this summer. The in-flight refuelling of the JF-17s by Il-78 fuel tankers will allow the combat jets to remain airborne for longer. The JF-17 was jointly developed by Pakistan and China," he said.

Pakistan acquired the Il-78 fuel tankers from Ukraine in 2010 and these are being synchronised with the JF-17s.

Butt claimed the capability would enhance the marketability of the JF-17, which is being monitored by several countries due to its cost effectiveness.

"The JF-17 programme has been an excellent project to pursue... All this would also not have been possible without the cooperation of China.  The PAF plans to induct around 200 to 250 JF-17 jets," Butt said.

"The PAF received its last batch of F-16s in the recent past and even now, there are US Congressional clearances available for the provision of additional F-16 aircraft. Owing to requirements (and) compulsions in the future, there exists a possibility of acquisition of additional F-16 aircraft," he said. 

Pakistan's Air Force 'ready' for war against India -

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