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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

YDA to boycott OPDs today.

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The YDA leadership, issuing a statement here on Tuesday, said that the young doctors wanted to serve patients so they had decided to continue to see patients in camps outside the OPDs with full strength.

“In case of any further arrests/victimization, it must be very clear, all services will be withdrawn,” they warned.They said the protest would continue until young doctors got justice, i.e. registration of FIRs against those who tortured peaceful delegation of the YDA and revocation of terminations/transfers.

Meanwhile, the YDA, Punjab’s Mayo Hospital chapter also observed that the young doctors were not given bails on bailable offenses, and on the other hand, their FIR was not even registered while their victimization in the form of suspensions and transfers was also going on so there would be complete OPD strike from Wednesday onwards.

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