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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who was the real Jesus?

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Do recently discovered ancient manuscripts reveal a different Jesus? Or…does the evidence reveal that the Jesus of the New Testament is the real Jesus?

Scholars examine the facts:

Who was---or is Jesus Christ? Ancient manuscripts tell us that Jesus was born around 4 BC and died AD 30. Although he never wrote a book or held a position of political power, Jesus’ life has influenced our planet more than that of any king, president, philosopher or other religious leader.
Written accounts from his followers tell us that Jesus bodily rose from the grave three days after his brutal execution on a Roman cross and burial. Yet TV documentaries, movies, and books like The Da Vinci Code have attacked the New Testament record of Jesus Christ, claiming it is unreliable; others claim Jesus is a myth.
Archaeologists, historians, textual critics, and paleographers have discovered a wealth of evidence that sheds light on this unique person in the history of our world. So what do the facts tell us? Can we trust the New Testament accounts of Jesus, or are the skeptics right?
What have scholars discovered about Jesus Christ?

Read the evidence:

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