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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The King of Pop - Jacko's life, death and controversy

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Although he often made the headlines for the wrong reasons - especially in the later years of his life - the King of Pop was mourned around the world, and his music defined a generation.
But his death did not just seal his legacy. It has also led to more rumours about his life, scandals and controversy.
The mystery surrounding the man excited millions.
And his death from a cardiac arrest at the age of just 50 shocked the entire world, and he is sure to be in the news for some time to come.
What will happen to his children? Is he really their father? Does he have a secret lovechild?
No one even knows for sure if or where he has been buried.
Check out's dedicated Jacko page to see articles and videos taking a look at the life, death and the controversy of the King of Pop.

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