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Monday, January 19, 2015

Finance ministry doesn’t owe a single penny to PSO – Ishaq Dar

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The old game has started "Resposible nor Resign"

The fed min has
concealed about the circular debt which has to be retired by the MoF as
all the debts are required to be retired under its nose.

Being a
finance manager (though he by profession is chartered accountant and not
much familiary with the ethics and code of management of finance
holding an importmant portfolio in the ruling PML-N led government just
due to "being Samdhi" of the Chief Executive of the Country - Nawaz
Sharif. Moreover, his official activities are less from the post he hold
and dealing with political works.

As far as MoP, the incharge
minister fails to discharge his duties in respect of oil management. He
is a businessman, holding "Air Blue" a private airlines, having no
experience or expertise with regards to oil and gas projects,

Nawaz Sharif's statement prior to election of May13
regarding "a mature leadership" is just like a ""bongi"" and nothing
much more, we can declare.

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