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Friday, February 28, 2014

Legislators by day, ‘playboys’ by night

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There are more gimicks about the "revelations" on point of order yesterday.

of all, the role of acting-speaker Naeema Kishwar regarding switching
off Dasti's microphone is itself amounting to contempt of the floor of
house as she being speaker is only custodian of house only not custodian
of revelations.

Secondally, regarding advise to undergo of
medical checkup of all parliamentarians, it is indeed a need of time. If
so happens, many of parliamentarians would be nude in front of the
whole nation; not for the truth but also for treatment instead!

the prompt action against the revelations of Dasti, both Mr. Abid and
Chaudhry Nisar, it seems that ther is something wrong at the bottom!

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