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Monday, December 22, 2014

ARABS' WORLD - a friend in need is a Friend indeed???

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The Arabs's world continously criminal silence itching more. Their trend to support and push back talibans (TTP) into worsent atrocities against the selected sect as supported by the Iranina or current Syrian gives more torture.

When news of the school massacre in Pakistan’s Peshawar first surfaced as breaking news, it appeared exaggerated and unreal. One’s mind is sometimes incapable of believing or rather rejects immediately recognizing that these are facts and that someone has really decided it’s time to collectively murder children in cold blood.

The students of the Peshawar military-run school were not coincidentally targeted. They did not get killed during a battle among fighters but they were the target of the attack and they were thus pursued in their classrooms, under their seats where they tried to hide.

Did the madmen of the Taliban movement really think that murdering these little souls is their way to heaven? Is there anything worse for a parent to realize that their children’s most important gathering place - i.e. the school - has become their little ones’ graveyard?

Hours passed.

The first few minutes and then hours passed as we waited for Arab media outlets to follow up on the Peshawar tragedy considering it’s firstly a humane catastrophe and secondly a Muslim one and it’s thus worthy of dedicating all live feed to report on it. For some reason, the horrible tragedy in Peshawar failed to interest the Arab media and public opinion. However, this didn’t happen. We were rather disappointed by the Arabic  coverage of the crime and we switched to following up on the incident on the  world’s different satellite channels.

Yes, the news was broadcast in Arab news segments, dailies and websites and  the degree of interest in the news varied. But what appeared like the general  pattern is that the tragedy did not take the attention which such a crime  with this amount of drama deserves. It wasn’t only media outlets who didn’t perform their duties on the matter but the general Arab and Muslim public opinion was very cold regarding incident, not to mention lazy and numb.

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