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Monday, March 10, 2014

Bilawal visits Tharparkar, amuses Sindhi mother with his English

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A phrase in Urdu, "Swal Chana Jawab Gundum"!

The situation in
Tharpakar - Sindh, the needy people required food while the local
governent relied upon false assurances to rescue services.

an Anglo-English, who borned with a golden spoon abroad, reached to
Mithi district in Tharparkar to satisfy the people who realy wanted
action of human being not the actions of a superman like fictioned character.

Supreme Court of Pakistan has observed in its premilary hearing to the case that the Sindh
government is responsible of masacre of innocent children in Mithi due to predicted draught. The
Sindh government's representative, while explanining its poisitoin and
media has awarded respondibility of all the hell by what Sindh
government is doing in the province.

The CM and his team is no
doubt is solely responsible of situation. But the rescue with judgment
is not the solution to resolve the matter, the SC should order to
register cases u/s 302 of CPC against the PPP-P lead Sindh government so
the people of Pakistan may assume the supermacy of apex court
otherwiise it would be deemed to have been the Court is also a part of

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