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Thursday, May 16, 2013

TheNews Blog » Did PTI Deliver a ‘New Pakistan’?

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No, but yes, thus confusing the picture blurring whether PTI can deliver as it claims throughout per-elections?

Most of the opinion makers suggest that the PTI would act same as "Kitab" had done in past in the province of KPK (NWFP). The roar, action, thrill, horror and much more to be witnessed in KPK future government of PTI. Some also claims that if PTI forms its provincial government with the help of JI, future can be predicted as both parties have double strength gathering, double vocal power, but at the same time both would become trouble making parties not only for the KPK but also for each other.

Moreover, some experts also said to believe that PTI (Imran Khan) who depends on talks with Talibans may ditch PTI as its chairman depended on youth mobility and encircling big voting in May 11!

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