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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Passport or Pass Port - This is Pakistani passport office!

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Do you want to get passport by yourself?

If yes, be ready for humiliation.

If not, get ready to contact agents around the offices.

In case of yes, go to passport office, first of all agents welcome you to token facility that cost around 2000 rupees, if you dared to go through your self, be quite and have a patience for a long long que....when your turn comes in, announcement will be heard by you "the time is over", you may come tomorrow... and the next day is off because of Saturday!
Well you conquered to get token, a private security guard shall welcome you and ask to show your paid challans,  relevant documents (as he is the director general of passport and immigration). You once again won the task and entered into the premises of passport office there a bad smell, noise and arrogant officials will welcome you with open arms. Thereafter, you by showing your strong mussels, strong will and affirm attitude and ultimately get receipt (along with certain documents including your children to be attested by gazetted officials). The struggle does not end and the time of waiting, patience will be assured that your passport (either applied through ordinary fee or urgent) will be delivered within stipulated time....just wait, wait and so wait.

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