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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pakistan PM will not appeal contempt conviction: lawyer

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First of all, the objection over the punishment till the rising of court! The question arise as to why the micro punishment was given to PM, if so, why the precious time and money of the nation put to bin by the SC bench. It is, however, itself contempt of court by the Court, the dignity and decorum has been damaged by the judges of SC and invited to everyone come and the ridiculing the independence of the judiciary or defaming freely.

Secondly, the Speaker of National Assembly has failed to apply her mind as required by the Constitution and prevailing laws, and take the side to her party because of favouring to her husband Mirza Sahib back to wicket and hit sixes and fours around the ground.

Thirdly, all legal experts sided to PPP-p including SYRG, the Prime Minister of Pakistan insisting not to contempt the Court, but altogether, ignoring the definition to S.63 ibid read with Section 5 of Contempt of Court Ordinance, 2003 (Ordinance V of 2003). Once punished means disqualification. Very right if not going to appeal is just as deemed to disqualified by himself not by the SC.

This is what, not obeying, in-comprising, industrious attitude that leads Mr. Bhutto to death sentence; and remaining are just going on the same path and following to their founder!

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