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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Hundreds protest outside White House against war on terror!

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undreds of American anti-war protesters are rallying outside the White House in Washington DC as protests continue across the country.

Protesters marched on through Washington on Friday, chanting slogans against the decade-long war in Afghanistan, AFP reported.

The demonstrators went on to the White House denouncing the war while carrying banners demanding the immediate withdrawal of NATO forces from the war-torn country.

“Drones flying, children dying, stop the war now,” were among the slogans being chanted, as protesters also echoed the demands of the Occupy Wall Street movement originating in New York.

Protesters and activists say they are against the wars their country is involved in as it has led to the deterioration of the US economy over the past years.

Many of the protesters blame the US President Barack Obama for failing to deal with the banks after the 2008 mortgage meltdown and financial crisis, while others blame both Democrats and Republicans for policies that protect corporate America at the expense of the country's middle and working classes.

Concerns over Wall Street practices and economic inequality reverberated up to the White House on Thursday, with President Barack Obama saying protesters are expressing the frustrations of the American public.

President Obama told a news conference he understood the public's concerns about how the nation's financial system works. He said the American citizens see Wall Street as an example of the financial industry not always following the rules.

Protests have gained momentum across US spreading as far as Salt Lake City in Utah to Anchorage in Alaska. US police have arrested hundreds of peaceful protesters in the past weeks.

The Occupy Wall Street protests have spread to other major states such as California, Arizona, and Colorado with thousands taking part in what some think may become as important as the sit-ins during the Civil Rights movement decades ago.

The Occupy Wall Street protests started against social justice in New York on September 17.

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