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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pakistan's E-Govternment - a joke!

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In October 2002 the Electronic Government Directorate (EGD) was established in pursuance to a decision of the federal cabinet. Converting the former Information Technology Commission, the Government formed the EGD as a cell within the Ministry of Information Technology.

Efficient and Responsive Public Sector to bring in Transparency in Government processes.

Our aim is to help public sector organizations in increasing efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness with the use of Information and Communication Technology. We are committed to build a robust e-government framework to make the government more responsive in delivering the public services to citizens and businesses. Major focus of E-government includes Infrastructure development of government departments, implementation of wide area networks, maximum usage of technology in delivering public services. The objectives of e-government are to

• Create more accountability and transparency in the public sector
• Modernize public services in which joined-up Government institutions communicate and work more effectively and efficiently
• Increase responsiveness of Government sector in delivering public services
• Bring Government close to citizen by providing them with easier access to information through personnel computers ,kiosks, telephone and other resources. that has too non-functional as to be...

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