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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Destroying Pakistan by Design: Geo TV A PSY-OPS Wing Of The CIA?

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Just because it is in Urdu doesn’t make it true! Just because it was broadcast by a Pakistani channel doesn’t make it right! Just because it shows the Pakistani flag doesn’t mean it it loyal to Pakistan or patriotic.

1) Questions that Geo cannot answer
2) General discussion of CIA ops
3) CIA is active in Pakistan. NY Times report
4)  CIA Dirty Tricks Department
5) Details on efforts to  destabilize Pakistan
6) Strange happenings at Geo that cannot be explained
7) Geo origins and the people who helped in starting Geo. Geo’s connections to some ver un savory characters
8, Geo links with David Hazinski a known Neocon Zionist with deep links to Neocon organizaitons that have spoken up against Pakistan
9) Discussion of Weinberger’s his beliefs and his association with Geo and Mr. Hazinski
10) Discussion of the beliefs of Mr. Hazinski’s
11) Detailed discussion of the Media’s role in destabilizing Pakistan
12) Appendices, Farah Ispahani role in VOA and Geo, Resume of Mr. Hazinski

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